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  1. Thats something along the lines of what I was thinking, but with only the audio out port accessible it wouldn't work. frankly, I'm stumped on it. The only thing I could remotely think to do with only that port would be...I dunno. Try and use it to short out CMOS with an electric shock? High probability of permanent damage to the board, definitely fry the card in the process, but if you were dead set on trying to break in and that was the only way...how crazy is that? Even if you pushed it all the way to the point of frying it, results would be doubtful. @ KGONEPOSTL Frankly, some good old fashioned social engineering would provide better results for the purposes of access. This is speculation only. I don't think Wetwork has anything to fear from this conjecture.
  2. Are you just looking for proof of concept or must we perform a crack on a fully protected system? Also: which ports? Do we get access to a fully loaded card or just the mic/in speakers/out ports? Post motherboard/card restrictions if any. I'm not saying I can do it but dang...that got my noodle burnin.
  3. Can't speak for Wetwork's library system but the one I work for (NC area) keeps our BIOS password protected and external ports locked unless a patron asks for access. In our user agreement cards (and again in the full rules on our website) we explain that "privacy is limited." Infer from that what you will. I will say that the network admins know whenever any station is logged in with privileges. So just how big of a red flag do you think would be raised if a station that is not supposed to have admin rights suddenly acquires them? I will give the OP one piece of advice about this, however. If you want to learn how to crack protection, you do NOT want to start on any government system (local, state or federal) unless jail time appeals to you.
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