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  1. Thanks, I'll do as suggested! And yes, I have noticed that! :o Thanks once again for your confidence
  2. Also, this is semi-offtopic, but what are your thoughts on the following degrees? - The Bachelor of Computer Science - The Bachelor of Computing (Networks) - The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems - The Bachelor of Science (Business Information Technology) - The Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) As I said before, my maths isn't up to scratch, and I'm not a good programmer. However, the mere act of writing on this forum shows that I'm willing to learn. Would appreciate your advice here, if you'd prefer I can put this question in another topic? Thank you, Hy Zaret
  3. Greetings & Salutations to all! My name is Hy Zaret. I'm 17 years old. I've studied Information Technology (Networking) at a Technical College. I also have quite some months experience working on the 1st Level of a HelpDesk. Basically, I'm trying to gain access to University. The reason for this is that it seems, that to be successful as an employee within the IT Industry, one either needs a lot of experience, or a degree. Same can be said for the CISSP! In the near future, I'd like to begin a career in Some of the skills which I have listed would be beneficial in an undergraduate degree. However, a lot of the skills I've listed will merely be incredibly helpful in my IT Security career. To give you a better understanding of what I know, and what I'd like to know, I've created a list. What I know; = Operating Systems = Linux BSD Solaris Mac OS X Windows MenuetOS KolibriOS = Programming Languages = Batch Very small amounts of Perl, Python & C++ = Security = Security+ (everything that can teach you!) General penetration-testing What I learnt at Technical College What I learnt from my Cisco Certifications = Certifications = CompTIA Security+ 3 Cisco Certifications A Microsoft Certification = Websites = HTML CSS Joomla Wordpress What I'd like to learn/achieve; = Programming Languages = Assembly C C++ .NET General scripting (shell etc.) = Security = Vulnerability testing Exploit/PoC creation Modular (plugin) creations for various popular Security tools Reverse-Engineering Manual DLL Injection Manual SQL Injection Manually rewrite the MBR, in the same way a Bootkit does automatically How to implement an advanced cryptographic technique into a piece of software Edit security-tools to better suit my purpose = Operating Systems = Build Linux from scratch Build a few Windows SOEs = Mathematics = Logarithm Elliptic Curve Vectors Matrices = Certifications = STAT (probably most important for gaining entry to University) CCNA MCSA MCSE IT Degree (still deciding which one) CISSP I would very much like to get some advice on how to attain the aforementioned knowledge & accreditations. Thank you, Hy Zaret BTW: My Goal is to learn/achieve everything that I've just listed within 10 years.
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