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  1. first of before i put karma on i was able to edit a few options on the router but now im not sure how to get onto the jasager pages. Second i have plugged the fon into my machine and started up another laptop and looked for a wireless point and i can see OpenWrt but i was thinking that i thought it would pretend to be another access point already in my memory. If you could help me with these few things it would be great
  2. Digijinja if you make any more will you let me know so i can buy one off you.
  3. Hi guys first of im totally new to the whole pinapple scene, iv been looking for a project thats just a little different from like learning how to break into your own wpa network... anyways here are a few of my questions ok So my understanding of the pinapple fon is.. i go into a wifi zone and stick my pinapple on a table and switch it on. i understand i can plug it into my laptop to start sniffing etc but what im wondering is Can you leave the pinapple unattended e.g. if it was hidden but it was configured to send all traffic back to my home pc using a vpn, so id walk into a coffie place stick it behind a chair or something or somewhere i know it wont get found and inturn as long as its batteries last it should keep sending all the data to my home pc.. am i correct here or am i sooo wrong and you need a laptop there which shares its internet with the fon?
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