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  1. ROFL, this reminded me of work. We had spam getting through the filter on Friday (filter went down), I'm still telling people just to delete the damn spam and move on. Simple solution and it shuts them up.
  2. Hey, michaelromkee, There is just one problem I see with that site. AVG blocks me from going to it. So I'm guessing it would also block the payload.
  3. Well that makes sense. I was just wanting to make a Pineapple. Use it to run Jasager. Not sure what the interceptor project is... *rubs goatee* ... *does some research* .... Yea I just need it to run Jasager. :) Looks like I will be ordering a Fon! :) Thanks for the help.
  4. So this one will work? Also is there any point in getting the extra antenna for it? Thanks for the reply!
  5. Hello all, I just started looking for a Fon. I was wondering if there was a place to buy them? I found the official Fon website, but they have 2 different models, the FON Spot and the Fonera, and I'm not sure which is the one I need. Actually looking at it again it looks like the FON spot is the same thing as the Fonera? and its Version 2.0? https://shop.fon.com/FonShop/shop/US/ShopCo...product=PRD-001 Is this what I need? And if not, where would be a good place to get one? I found some on ebay, but they do not list any model numbers. Can I downgrade the Fon2.0? Thanks for you help!
  6. I was standing on the side lines when they were on it (stupid stomach), I heard someone on the ride, on the second shouting, ask "WTF are they saying?!?" And then when the ride was over some old guy, as he was exiting the fence area said "WTH did we just hear?!?" The look of confusion on everyone's face on the ride in the middle was priceless! LOL I loved it!
  7. LOL - That would be you my friend! And if your bringing me, such a lamer, to something this kool, what does that say about you? :P
  8. Hey Snubbs! It's me, the noob guy that watch a couple eps the night before. =D I've watched a few more today! LOVE IT! I had a FRAKING blast! I've not had so much fun in a long LONG time! I'm very glad I got to meet everyone yesterday! So much fun! Prowin, epic photoshop! :)
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