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  1. I've tryed to copy the SAM and SECURITY file, or the whole config file for that matter, but when I got home and started Ophcrack. It loaded the hashes from sdb1(my USB), but it couldn't manage to crack them. When I booted up ophcrack at the machine I was trying to crack, I got the password almost instantly. Where can i request someone to code it for me, digip?
  2. 1. Python, it is logical and simple. 2. Html. 3. C++. ... ... ... 88473. Assembly :P
  3. * Malawarebytes' Anti-Malaware * HiJackThis * AVG Free * VirusTotal.com (Web based)
  4. Thanks for fast answers, but I'm looking for a distro you can put on a USB, when it boots it copys over the hashes and save them (to the USB). And this i want to happen in very a discrete process (almost unnoticeable), then i can crack them later. Sorry for bad english I hope you understand it ;) SmartWish
  5. It's not a blog but... If you need exploits try out milw0rm
  6. Hey! Is it plausible to make the program Pwdump bootable on USB? All it's going to do is: * Mount all drives. * Dump the hashes. * Then save the hashes to the USB (in a txt document). * Turn of the PC, or reboot. Does it allready exist a bootable pwdump? SmartWish.
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