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  1. What's better than a USB stick you can figure out how to boot all your favorite boot disks? A small usb device that will read ISO files off of a hard drive or memory card and emulate a USB CDRom. And it even can drive a LCD so you have some menu options for emulation. I seem to remember Darren looking for a teensy project. This is still beta and the hardware is a development board so it is a bit bulky but this is going to be awesome. CD Emulator Project
  2. Trinity is working from it's own directories 1. create the trinity USB as shown in the show from the CD using the command line 2. copy all of the files on the trinity usb to /boot/trinity/ on your multipass usb drive - except /trk3 dir 3. copy the /trk3 directory from the trinity usb to root of the multipass usb When it boots it will ask you to identify where your USB is located (usually /sdb1) title Trinity Rescue Kit kernel /boot/trinity/kernel.trk initrd=/boot/trinity/initrd.trk ramdisk_size=49152 root=/dev/ram0 vga=788 splash=verbose initrd /boot/trinity/initrd.trk This isn't perfect because you still have to tell it where the usb drive is but it keeps the root directory clean.
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