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  1. I don't like that they limited the service to 40 hours, but if you take a step back, they are essential offering unlimited listening for 1 dollar a month. I think their yearly plans are very reasonable, especially compared to services like Napster and I would totally pay it if they did not have a free version.
  2. I had a somewhat similar issue the other day with Win7. Under the Win 7 recovery tools, go into the command line and use diskpart to make sure the Win7 Partition is active. Then use bootsect and bootrec to fix the mbr and such(both can be found under the default directory when you launch Command Line. X:\something\ I believe. Also for bootsect Win 7 is nt60, this will make sense when you try to use the command). Thank you will need to restart, go back into Win 7 recovery and run the Startup Repair, after this is done you should be able to boot into W7. Then using MSconfig you should be able to configure the W7 bootloader. Try this if the above recommendations don't work.
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