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  1. Just bought a Teensy. dont think i can wait 1 - 3 weeks for the delivery :(... Im putting mine inside a Ninja ducky!
  2. Xtrato

    Mame Console

    I built a MAME Arcade machine a while back definatly very fun when you get it going :)... You can see mine on the following link if your interested. http://jamesdotcom.com/?cat=1 For the computer you don't need a crazy powerful one.. I bought the cheapest one I could find on Ebay and it works perfectly fine with all the games. All you need is for it to have a way to connect to the TV. Mine had Svideo and I used an Svideo to SCART converter to plug it into the TV. As for the monitor someone else may be able to help you with that better than me. I just used my old TV and it worked fine. Obviously use CRT and not an LCD screen. The games look a lot better when they are played on a CRT screen. For the software I put a fresh install of windows XP on the machine and used the MAME frontend called MameWAH. It works great with the arcade controls to select the games. I set MameWAH to launch on start-up and that's all there is to it :). There are probably a lot more imaginative ways of doing it but oh well :).
  3. This guess is probably completely wrong but... I had a look at this http://www.matthewneely.com/storage/blog_i...ck_location.jpg and thought. Is the magstripe on the card just of 1 track and not all 3? I have no experience with Mag-Stripe although it is something I'm looking to get more into.
  4. Im using VMware workstation 6.5.3. Im gonna trying doing what you did and do a manual install instead of just downloading the pre built image.
  5. Anyone experiencing any problems with the VMware image running very slowly? Even with VMware tools installed?
  6. Indeed :). Its also quite worrying how many are either protected by WEP or no protection at all. only maby 30 -40% are secured by WPA.
  7. I'm sure many of you have heard of this tool before but for those who haven't its an App for the Iphone and Ipod Touch. using the GPS on the phone it lets you map out the location of wireless AP and export them as KML files so that they can be seen on Google Earth. I have plotted the location of WIFI AP around where i live (don't ask why... i don't even know myself. lol). and i find it be be a very good tool. Just don't do what i did and leave it scanning while in your pocket. the phone was like hot potato and i will probably never have kids again, Anyway. I reccomend anyone who hasnt allready to check it out. http://jamesdotcom.com/storage/other/wififofum.jpg http://www.aspecto-software.com/wififofum
  8. I got one last christmas and tried for hours trying to finish it :P. I remember reading somewhere that you need to match the middle, left right up and down squares first and do the corners last :) there is an algorithm you can keep repeating at a certain stage that will solve the rubix cube.
  9. I would be interested in the response also. The only way i can tell what router it is is by looking at the SSID and even then its down to chance weather it reflects the manufacture of router.
  10. Your Situation sounds very similar to mine :). I live in the UK basically in the middle of know where and there are very few jobs going. (im 21 btw) I’m volunteering 1 day a week to teach the older generation how to use computers and work in a Store on the weekends. I figured that because I have a lot of free time I would teach myself Python and try to start to do some basic programming. I’m also starting an Open University course next year (Its a computing degree all done from home). I suggest you use all the free time you have now to your advantage.
  11. Gtz m8 :) Ive also only this past week started soldering. I bought Herbie the Mousebot kit that was on the one of the earlier episodes of Hak5 and i also got an EnigmaE. Not sure if this will be a bit hard for a first project but we will see :)
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