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  1. So I just got a WD Passport 320 GB external drive. I formatted it from FAT32 to NTFS using windows, and transferred some files to it. I then took the drive to school and discovered that for some reason i couldn't write to the root, unless i was moving over a folder. I thought it was a quirk, so i ignored it. at the end of the night I tried to back up my work, but it said it couldn't overwrite the files on the hd. I checked the properties, and every folder on the drive has a greyed out read only check-mark on it. I tried a couple times to remove it, but each time it just replaces itself. well I opened the properties of a folder I had taken off said drive, and it too had this read only semi-flag on it. but I needed to back up this folder, so I put it on my ipod which i had with me and use as another disk. I got home and thought maybe my computer could remove the read-only, like it was some sort of user doesn't have permissions error, but no luck. and now, my homework is read only. any ideas on what i did/ should do? EDIT: Both Machines are using WindowsXP Pro, I'm using SP3, school is using SP2 I believe. Edit 2: Apparently despite having the read only flag, my home computer has full access to the drive and can overwrite any file, and write directly to the root. any ideas as to why i don't have that level of control with my school computer?
  2. alright that all makes sense, that's kinda what I was thinking. thanks all!
  3. So I recently recieved at 3.5" 500gb Western Digital SATA hard drive as a gift, the person purchasing it for me thought that more space was what i needed, not portability of said space. So I've been looking into getting an enclosure for it, as opposed to attempting to return it and get an external device. My main problem though is that I don't want to have to deal with power supplies and an extra set of cables and I can't seem to find an enclosure that provides power over usb to a 3.5" SATA drive, am I swimming in circles looking for one? Is there a way to hack this system together if I can't buy one?
  4. no, I know basic java coding, I was more thinking of things like the coding challenge in c++ in episode 6 I think, but in java as opposed to c++.
  5. Hey, I was just watching some archived Hak.5 videos, and saw the code challenge, which brought me to the point... does anyone know any sites that have simple coding challenges in java?
  6. yea my quadro card actually has neither tv in nor tv out, i was thinking of one of the simple cheap composite rca input adapters from radioshack that goes throught usb, my only doubt is whether usb can carry the signal fast enough to have an accurate screen update.
  7. how much does one of those run and where would i find one?
  8. I was looking into finding ways to hook my ps2 or gamecube up to display on my pc since my pc screen is about 1000 times better than the tv I currently have them hooked up to. I realize i'd need some sort of capture card, however the inside of my machine is pretty much maxed out on space, so I was looking into an external card, are there any externals that any of you recommend, or would it really be the best idea to get an internal at some point?
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