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  1. Which formatting are you refering to? Are you refering to gaps which separate log entries like this: Application: blabla.exe Time: 11:11 fdksfjdajskljflk Application: blabla.exe
  2. Glad I could help. By the way we are not dividing the absolute position we are using the Modulus calculation which is not the same. % = Modulus or Mod / or รท = Divide h2oh4x!
  3. Hi and welcome to hak5 forums. Im not quite sure what you mean by your question and I dont know what makes you think the first 400 bytes does not store any characters as this is incorrect, however I have created a tutorial explaining exactly how to use this key table, I hope that you find it helpful :) h2oh4x! Tutorial link: http://www.4shared.com/file/216272639/56f4...kdatabin_t.html
  4. Hey guys heres the new version 0.2. This has the new algorithm for Please leave feedback :D @pinkhathackers As I do not have could you send me an example lskdata.bin file so that I can test it please? Thanks :D Screenshot: Download Link: http://www.4shared.com/file/213882398/ac24...ryptor_v02.html PASS: hak5.h2oh4x Have fun! h2oh4x
  5. Hey x-quisite I am running on Win XP and I haven't tested on Windows 7 so yes it will probably be because you are using Windows 7. As PinkHatHackers suggested try using XP mode that should work. As for the new table for I will add it to my program asap. Thanks PinkHatHackers for releasing it! :D h2oh4x!
  6. Hey guys. I have decided to release my LanSchool Keylogger decryptor! :) Screenshot: Again thank you PinkHatHackers for providing a decryption table it was very informative :) I would be happy to integrate the new decryption table for newer versions if you wish to release that. PS: As this is a very early version of the program it is possible that you might find a few bugs if you do please post them here as I want to get it as reliable as possible. Oh yeah any feedback would be much appreciated whether its about the GUI or maybe just a new improvement post it here! ;) DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.4shared.com/file/213148961/d2b5...ryptor_v01.html PASSWORD: hak5.h2oh4x Have Fun! h2oh4x!
  7. Good news guys. Ive successfully created a program which allows the contents of these files to be decrypted. I will upload asap im just making the final tweaks. ;) Oh and a big thanks to PinkHatHackers for providing the decryption table and making all of this possible!
  8. h2oh4x!

    Lanschool v7.2

    Most people who want to disable LanSchool will not have Admin rights on the machine or they wouldnt even have LanSchool on it lol. So deleting the files from C:\Program Files is out of the question. Not to mention that that would not work while LanSchol is running as Student.exe would be running locking the permissions to the file.
  9. I have tried contacting PinkHatHackers about how to do this but I have not yet recieved a reply. As I am waiting would anybody who understands these instructions please tell me how to use it lol :) I know I sound like an idiot asking this but its getting me really frustrated :D Thanks in advance! ;)
  10. h2oh4x!

    Lanschool v7.2

    Hey x-quisite ive made a LanSchool disabler based on Lyzons LanSchool Manager it disables the software easily just click kill. P.S To my knowledge this will not work on version 7.4 or above however i have tried it up to version 7.2 and it works fine. Also this was programmed in Visual Studio 2008 so it requires .net framework. Have fun ;) http://www.mediafire.com/?vztmmqyzj1z
  11. Ive never been good at cryptography so I aint gotta clue how this works please would you give more clear instructions with the table? maybe im opening the file wrong I have tried notepad thats just useless and ive tried a hex editor... still useless lol? But by the way I am very impressed with this well done! ;)
  12. Yes they can if you have admin privileges.
  13. Oh yeh and btw do you really think I would just come here and post askin for help without trying to do it myself and having already searched google? If you do then you are wrong because I am not likely to post requests like that making me look n00bish just because I "cba" to search google ;)
  14. Attitude like what? I was laughing along with him because of the link that he sent me.
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