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    File paths

    I have just added a very useful document slurping feature (mediaslurp) to the Gonzor switchblade payload but I am having trouble defining a path to the root of the U3 flash drive to store the recovered files. I can see that switchblade defines a path to create and store the log file for the program output on the root of the flash drive but I cannot work out how to do the same with the recovered documents. At the moment I have to define the actual path with a drive letter (e.g. I:\system\logs) which is pretty impractical. Can anybody help?
  2. Ok, So ive managed to add HakRats mediaslurp function into the switchblade software inside the U3 iso. This now runs automatically along with the other features selected in the switchblade config exe. Ill upload this when its finished. Im nearly there, just having trouble with the files recovered via mediaslurp. At the moment, I have to physically define the flash partition within the mediaslurp 'slurp.bat' file (e.g. I:\system\log\slurp) which is a bit impractical as the path might change for different computers. Does anyone know how to define the flash partition universially, similar to the log file saved from switchblade so I can save the slurped files?
  3. Thanks again HakRat, the non-U3 switchblade/mediaslurp download you created is very useful. I will make use of that with my non-u3 drives. However my priority at the moment is to use a u3 cruzer usb stick. Im currently using the gonzor payload, so that av cannot delete the switchblade programs from the u3 partition. Im a bit confused as to autorunning the mediaslurp program. I have extracted the mediaslurp folder to the flash root, which also contains the switchblade config software. How can I modify so that both programs autorun? I was thinking I could use an iso editor to include the media slurp feature within the custom u3 iso. Do you think this is possible or is there an easier way?
  4. Thanks Hakrat, great tool, just what I need! Is it possible to have it autorun at the same time as switchblade on the same USB stick or does it have to be a lone program? It would be great if I could configure to run both programs at once, automatically. Cheers, Joe
  5. Hi there, Im new to the forum and the USB hacks. I recently downloaded the Gonzor payload and have been playing around putting it on a U3 4gb usb stick and bugging all of the machines in my house. I think its a great program, very useful! I just have a couple of questions, as im looking to modify some features slightly and wondered if anybody could help me. 1. I wondered if it would be possible to manipulate the hacksaw feature to capture specific folders (e.g. my documents) or if there was another program feature available that could do this? 2. If you could incorporate a keylogger feature into the payload or import a keylogger program into the custom iso? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Joe
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