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    Okay, the Kubuntu was a mistake. I tried it on my laptop I use for school, and forgot to back up my data. This became a bad idea when I got a GRUB error 17. It is very hard to learn programming without a computer, and I couldn't even get back into Vista. Luckily, the linux deities upstairs had some freaky kung-fu coding skill, and they were able to recover the system fully. I have sworn off dual-booting, and the next time I experiment with linux, it will be on a separate machine in a Faraday cage.
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    Ok. As a start, I am posting this from my new Kubuntu dual boot. Everything is surprisingly shiny...
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    I just encountered this show, and a lot of the terms and concepts they are using are slightly foreign, especially in the networking portions. I get like 60%, but that's not enough to build a context. Can anyone recommend a good book or something to learn what I need to know to be on the level of this show?
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