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  1. So, my school switched from Cisco Clean Access to Cisco NAC Agent this semester and it is absolutely terrible. It takes 10-20 minutes to get onto the wifi when you go to a different building. Plus my Android phone was on the wifi, too. But not anymore because I can't have 2 devices connected as me at the same time. I guess my question is, Does anyone else have to deal with this crap? I am almost tempted to make a Linux VM use a USB Wireless card and share the internet from the VM to my laptop. It is painful, but I need Windows for some of my classes and Cisco NAC Agent is just painful.
  2. The way it looks, I'm not getting anything off of it. Gonna put it back in a freezer overnight and then say screw it after that. I guess everything on there I got from torrents really or cds that I ripped. The CDs are right next to me and I think my mp3s are backed up on my hackintosh. As for the torrents better hit up TPB before it gets shut down. Oh well.
  3. I'll probably HDDKill it, that takes like 30 seconds. Then see how many passes Boot and Nuke can go. I think if the hard drive wasn't trying to load an OS it would work a bit longer.
  4. I have a 1.5TB hard drive that is clicking badly. It will boot halfway into Windows Home Server and then start clicking and my computer will reset back to the bios and then it won't be able to detect the drive until I completely turn the computer off again and turn it back on. I have the drive in the freezer right now. I put it in for a little while and got it to boot into the OS before it crashed again. I am going to just keep putting it back into the freezer and restoring as much data off of the hard drive as possible. Once I am done doing that I plan on sending it to Seagate. What would you guys recommend doing to destroy the data on it before I send it in. I has my whole family's backups on it and I am just paranoid about stuff like this. Should I just run HDDKill on it and then run DBAN as long as I can then put it back in the freezer and repeat? Any suggestions would be great.
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I couldn't find the thread last night so I figured it got deleted for some odd reason. I should have went into details about what I wanted but I see a lot of people saying Lenovo. I love the orange 17 inch IdeaPad, its about $400 more than the MSI I have been looking at on Newegg. I prefer AMD, but anymore after what I have read on forums the AMD HP Pavilions are worse than the Intel. I have always used AMD until I got my Eee. I would like something I could play games on from time to time. I am going to fix my HP because I found out that I can reflow the GPU with a heatgun, it should be a little more permanent than putting it in between two pillows for 15-25 minutes. Thanks for the help guys. I know a lot of people are saying Apple, I have never been a fan. I have a hackintosh and I just get pissed off using it because of the simple things that would work on a Windows or Linux machine. Once again thanks for the replies.
  6. My name is Eli aka Elizle aka R3t4rd Xero or R3t4rd Her0 Favourite game: Counter Strike Source Favourite OS: Favorite Windows: 7 Favorite Linux: Ubuntu Favourite console: My XBOX w/ an X3CE Nationality: US Accent: Midwest so Standard American, right? Sex: Male Age: 22 Race: White American Height: 5'8" Status: single Build: What is a nice way to say fat? Favourite band: All Time Low Favourite book: The Hobbit Favourite author: I don't read much Favourite movie: Super Troopers Favourite director: Broken Lizard Favourite TV Show: Heroes Favourite actor: Adam Sandler Favourite actress: Drew Barymoore Favourite Pinup: Megan Fox? Wait how about Hayden Panettiere? Favourite Comedian: Dane Cook is good, I also like Daniel Tosh Other hobbies: Fixing things, taking stuff apart, this and that Car: 1988 Corolla SR5 Occupation: Computer Lab Consultant, it is a student job and I was working as a Student Lab Technician but shit happens. Just trying to get my IT degree.
  7. Hi, I have been watching since 2005 and I just now decided to join the forums. I have an HP DV9000 that I have sent in for repairs for 3 times within the 1 year warranty. All of the problems their fault because of design flaws. The first time it was the Wireless, their fix was to replace the hard drive and remove Vista. The wireless worked for two days and quit again. I sent it back in after it quit working completely. It gave me the beep code that the GPU was bad. The replaced the graphics chip in it and not the entire motherboard which would have made me more secure about the situation, but it worked and so did the wireless now. Just recently I repaired the broken hinges myself. Now the video went out again and I got temporarily fixed by overheating it. I had been using it at work every night because the computers at work are Dells that are circa 2004. Now to my question. What brands are made well? I trust Lenovo, but I hate how the Thinkpads look. Are the IdeaPads nice? Also Lenovos are kinda pricey, but maybe they are worth it. I found an MSI on Newegg that had everything I wanted for $800. Are MSI laptops good? A lot of people seem to like the Wind, but I already have a netbook and I am happy with it. Any suggestions?
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