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  1. thank you all of me reponde and I see that I possess a defecille question thank you again
  2. Salut Merci mon ami de me reponde oui je connu le SKYPE Mais la question asque je peu fair des apel ou telephon Gratuit ?? merci
  3. you know the answer yourself
  4. dady203


    if not serious but if possible to copy the games in the HDD
  5. thank you but you understand the raport! only I can phone for free with the NET ?? thanks ;)
  6. so there is no response on this issue?
  7. dady203


    salvation to you all if possible to copy the games to PS3's disc drive? how to copir game if possible thanks
  8. salut a tous me amis ^_^ long time already so I'm looking for a free phone even 5minutes per day jet not found Raven found the only free SMS but not for apele there is a way for my girlfriend apel 5minutes per day :P ? otherwise I sevien my friend who just apel for free because he stole a code of a society thanks
  9. dady203

    Hacking MSN

    The COLOR command sets ERRORLEVEL to 1 if you try to execute with the same color for the back and front. I done what the
  10. dady203

    Hacking MSN

    La commande COLOR met ERRORLEVEL à 1 si vous tentez de l'exécuter avec la même couleur pour l'arrière et le premier plan. je fait quoi la thanks
  11. dady203

    Hacking MSN

    Yes but it does not
  12. dady203

    Hacking MSN

    Oui mais ça march pas !!!!!
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