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  1. Fun, simple way to share your files. Upload images, music, videos and docs. Get up to 50 GB account Free! Sign up here: http://t.co/xJCZZOuw

  2. Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. Sign up for free! http://t.co/jHOLeXqC

  3. I love Dropbox because Free space is awesome xD http://t.co/dFsHMn6S

  4. Just completed a 7.05 km walk - Back on track. http://t.co/CEaJkAIU #RunKeeper

  5. I recently started coding for iOS and got this brilliant idea. It runs over UNIX, thus anything written for anything UNIXy can be be ported to iOS either by coping the C/C++ code with a bit of mods or a complete rewrite on Obj C. The iPhone has a 3G & WiFi radio, a ton of storage space and a nice processor already built in. Do you think we can put Jasager on the iPhone or iPad? Of course this will never hit the app store (unless we hide some stuff) but anyone with a dev account and build it on his device and enjoy a very compact Jaseger, without being stopped at airport security... Remember Darren? :P
  6. I have a modem/router (thomson tg585) which my ISP blocked admin access. I need to gain admin access to change DNS server settings. Can you suggest a program to bruteforce the thing? I have a lot of free time and an OC'D Core i7 machine :) Thanks
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