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  1. I had hoped somebody would have replied to my message. Anyhow, I will try Pandora Saver this time. I'll check it out. I'm burned out on podcasts and want to switch back to music. Pandora Time Shift is great! Thanks! DD
  2. Hi everyone, I use to use the a Pandora Time shifting proj. Is there still one or have other developed other projects? Where does the Time Shifting proj (s) stand? Can somebody give me and update as to what was the original prog name and how many other time shifting option are here? I see there is a lot to read and I am sorry I didn't keep up with it. Now I want to start again. Where do I start? What is the current version of the most reliable prog out there? Can you point me the the most current download link? The one I used used last.FM and I was happy with that. Are the oth
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