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  1. Thank you. Nslookup was not as detailed as dig. Didn't think of using that.
  2. Okay I notice with irc.hak5.org it connects to irc.secfo.org... which I could've sworn was awesomeirc.com or something like that. Anyways I'm going off on tangents. Point is how to you redirect irc.hak5.org. Is there some sort A record or CNAME?
  3. By the way I was looking into the untangle os and smoothwall os and on both of them I noticed there wasn't a NAS service. What would you recomend for that?
  4. Right... so should I just buy and access point and hook it up to my router then?
  5. Soo in your most recent segment you claim that you have been stumped with turning your miniITX into and access point due to chipset woes. What woes? What chipsets are suppose to work with what OS?
  6. Whaa that's a pretty neat set up for old hardware. But I have never seen a MoBo with both ZIF and Slot 1.
  7. What are some good hosting sites for shell accounts then.
  8. So.... Does anyone know the difference from a VPS and a Shell Account or am I at a lost at figuring this out.
  9. I've been looking all around the web for good shell accounts. In the process I've come accross several names. You have your basic Web Hosting, then there is VPS, then there is Shell, then Dedicated servers, Seedboxes, XDCC, etc... you see where I'm going. Oh and vhosting which I don't know what that is. My question is what is vhosting and is there a difference from a shell account and a vps or are they the same? Actually all of them are confusing to me can someone break them down and explain them because I think this is where wikipedia fails.
  10. Not to bash your sponsors and really I am not but why would I use GotoAssist.com to help customers with their PCs when there are free alternatives like Crossloop.com and Teamviewer? I guess what I am asking is what does GotoAssist.com have the they don't that is worth paying for?
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