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  1. I made some vids to help someone who forgot there password like I did.
  2. hello i'm SpikeCB aka The Hugon5000 Favourite game: FFVIII, Halo 3 Favourite OS: Still searching Favourite console: Xbox360 because of Xbox Live Nationality: Hispanic/Chamorro Accent: What? Sex: Male Age: 24 Height: 6'0" Status: Swinger Build: Baseball build, thats right ladies! Favourite band: Killswitch, Underoath Favourite book: Halo: The Fall of Reach Favourite author: Me Favourite movie: Tough..... Boondock Saints, Die Hards, LOR, Braveheart, stuff like that.. Favourite TV Show: Cowboy Bebop Favourite actor/actress: Jim Carey Other hobbies: playing sports, hanging out wif people, learning about cars. Car: 2007 Dodge Ram, 1966 Barracuda (Work in prog) Occupation: Network Tech HEY Hak5, let me know when you want me to move down there and chill.
  3. Like Webjockey said, Microsoft is owning up to the error. Although it did take them a short time to do that. What keeps me loyal to the Xbox is Xbox live. Without it I would buy all my games for the PS3.
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