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  1. Hi again... Here is another idea: My Stick does not Boot on the System i need it to. Its an Phoenix BIOS. But it still detects the Stick Partition. What would be, if i would install on the USB Partition a syslinux and that would link to the DVD Partition. But every time, i Install my ISO onto the Stick, the Stick become a size of 988KB. And thats not enough to install syslinux on it. Is it possible to manage the partition Size? I tried Pragon Partition Manager, but he only list me the 988 Byte Partition.
  2. Hmmm... But good Information. So i have to look again if a warm boot would succeed a recognition. And if you would manage the order of the Partitions? So i can let it in place but the first recognized device would be the DVD? Quote: Still, it may not work, most of the production-tools I've seen for CD-ROM enabled UFD's don't allow to only create the CD-ROM.. (but a few do, the problem is that sandisks controllers are very poorly documented) - So how could i find out if my does?
  3. It works!!! But... I need Autolplay while Booting the PC. This works, but the U3 Hack will create 2 Devices, the USB stick and the CD Device. When im going to boot from a specified system, it detects the Stick as one single device. My own PC recognize it as 2 Sticks. One is the USB and the other the DVD. So i can manage it in the BIOS to boot from the right "Partition". So my Question is... Can i delete the USB Stick Partition so that there will be only the DVD recognized!? Thanks in advanced!!!
  4. Looks good! He is Installing now. I will give Report on that! THANKS man!
  5. --- Edit I found the Program Universal_Customizer here. So this Problem seems to be solved! -.- Sorry for the Post!!
  6. I tried newest Universal Customizer but i had no luck. File: SLES10 SP1 - 3,04GB ISO Storage: 4GB Cruzer micro U3 compatible Universal_Customizer always tells me "You need 6,86 MB of free space on your U3 smart drive to perform the customization". When I try smaller Files like Knoppix, there is no Problem. But i think it is Possible to Install such huge ISOs or not? Thanks for Answers :-)
  7. Hi! First: Great Forum, Great Community! I followed several Threads here to find a Solution on my Problem. Im neary there to set up my U3 Stick with my ISO. What worked is a running Knoppix Self Boot USB Stick with the LPInstaller Hack via WebServer. But now i want to Install a 3,04GB ISO onto the Stick and here comes the Problem.... My IIS Web-Server did not allow me such a huge filesize. He wont let me (and LPInstaller in the end) download the ISO. I found out its only with File Sizes that are +1GB! Has anyone an idea how to manage this? --- I think i can contribute Something that would help but didnt worked for me as well (Dont know if its already known in the Forum here so pls sry if it is!): I found out, that the LPInstaller Opens a Path/Folder at (Vista) root:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\U3\temp When you open LPInstaller, it will download the "PelicanBFG-autorun.iso" in the background. After he is finished (F5 until it got 7MB and stops), i deletet it and put my ISO into this position. But LPInstaller seems to recognize it and wont intall it at the end. Dont know how he recognized it, because the Filesize is the same if you do that via the local webserver. I think its maybe written in the log_LPInstaller.txt one folder up. Thanks!
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