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  1. Free version is for lan. Nvm I take all of the comments as a criticism. Thanks
  2. Its for LAN. Or a prank Edit: Understood
  3. WOW, bad rep or more people like you? Did you read their post? They suspected me of shit. I gave proof. Now if you don't want to use it GTFO. Sorry dude I didn't mean to be so direct about it. But if you don't have anything good to say please keep it to yourself.
  4. There is a free version. It took me hours in VB. Dont' call it shit. You haven't tried it. I will take out "for 10$" I'll make it free i'll shut you fucking trap. -Let see you fucking make one. FUCKTARD. You may be a respected member but seriously you're an asshole.
  5. Identical fake Windows Live login - 2009 (LATEST) This fake Windows Live is almost identical to the real one, stealing passwords much easier. ;). I've spent alot of work on this one. The free version lets you save the victims account information in a file called Settings.ini which is created on the same directory as the application. The paid version of this uploads the information to your FTP server, the file does not overwrite. It also comes in with an installer that replaces the old msnmsgr.exe The paid version only cost $10-negiotiable. Below there are some pictures of the fake MSN. Main section: Download to Desktop - Easier to find Settings.ini Free Version Download: Mods can scan- Its Clean!
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