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  1. Hey all, I was cleaning a computer the other day to return to the company, and I had to reinstall winXP on it, because we're running exchange server, and basic protocol and stuff like that, anywhoo, company says it has to be WinXP Pro. So I had Win7 on it, and I really needed to do a clean install so I could just hand it back in with WinXP Pro, but I ran into a bit of a problem, my hard drive isn't being recognized by the XP install disc.... So I thought maybe it was the filesystem, and I bascially cleaned it all, started over with just one huge NTFS partition, still nothing from XP's install disc. So I have my Win7 beta install disc and decided to try it just in case, it worked like a charm. Does anyone have any idea of anything I can do to fix this thing? I'm almost to the point of googling some symbolic dances I could do that might get the attention of the god of technology :P One piece of information that may or may not be important is that this is a laptop, and it had a bunch of Lenovo driver stuff on the XP install originally. but I have installed Windows XP before, with the same disc, and had a successful install. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. -Chris
  2. Here's mine, it's boring because i have bumptop! w00t! I'll add my debian side's desktop later, it's cooler
  3. Hey all, im er3bus, or a number of other aliases, I've watched the show for 4 or 5 episodes. Favourite game: Half Life 2(I know, I'm not much of a gamer though) Favourite OS: Slackware FTW Favourite console: SNES baby Nationality: All of them Accent: white? Sex: Male Age: 16 Race: pasty white Height: 5' 3" Status: Very Single Build: Slackware 12.0 Favourite band: Disturbed, or Ratatat, or something Favourite book: Art of Intrusion Favourite author: kevin mitnick Favourite movie: Hackers 2: Takedown(JK...I Can't even type it with a straight face) Favourite director: Del Toro Favourite TV Show: The Office(UK and US) Favourite actor: Darren Kitchen...er somebody Favourite actress: Your Mom Favourite Pinup: really, who has a favorite? Favourite Comedian: Dane Cook Other hobbies: Hacking you, Web Design, Game Design, 3D Graphics, finding legal ways to get out of stuff Car: Cement Truck Occupation: student <----fail anywhoo, that may have been the weirdest personality profile I've ever filled out, but hey, that would be me in a box. Love the show, love the site, excited to start being a part of the community.
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