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  1. So I have taken on a new client, 3 office doctors practice, and they are running in a mixed mode AD environment. They have 2 DC's and an exchange controller, all of which are running w/o any form of raid, on older home brew machines. This would be fine if they didn't contain critical information, such as medical records, and their email!! So I am now fraught with trying to put some redundancy into this accident waiting to happen, but I fear I may be over my head; It's been quite a while since I have done AD, I did get my MCSE years ago and never really used. So my thought is to get a very redundant machine and migrate these machines to VM's, any issues with Exchange and DC's on VM? Critical points here are redundancy and ease of backup / restore. Any thoughts? Regards, John
  2. The link is down, can you fix it. I am really interested in your project! Thanks! Regards, John
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