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  1. me plz I am also running a mac but i do have a netbook with XP on it...
  2. I do tech work on the video games systems, And I have to say the new chips are great, but I alrdy have seen 2 come back on the rrod so it is not 99.99% fixed yet... they just need to find a better way of making them... or just make the new 720 and come out soon, and that would fix all the little red lights problems...
  3. Well if you like to make your own 360 you will save some bucks but not much... I work As a Tech for PlayNtrade Video Game store... Just one thing you need to make sure when you get a mobo you should get the DVD drive that came with it because in the firmware on the dvd drive they have a code like a "CD key"... and it does not match the mobo "CD key" the dvd drive is crap... and you can not load any thing from dvd or cd....
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