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  1. I would like to support some of the observations here. I have just received a shark jack and charged it from a Mac. It only took 30 seconds or so to go solid blue but also got rather warm. It did stay charged long enough to run the Nmap scan on my home network but would not do anything else. Wondering if something was wrong I plugged it back in the Mac, which dropped the port and put a too much current (power?) error on the screen. The shark jack got very warm. I plugged the chart jack into a USB two on an old PC and it took about 120 seconds to solid blue and only got slightly warm. It lasted long enough to update to the blinking LED's and to get the loot off. So, power it gently.
  2. Alas, I'm getting the same thing after following the tutorial. Did anyone get a fix for this? I do see that the directory structure on my kali is different. In the demo the libosmocore directory contains the airprobe directory but on my system both sub-directories oare in the /root directory. I've no idea if this is making a difference though. Anyone help?
  3. TADA!! it works The new wpa_supplicant file did it (with SSID change) other changes I needed to do were: redboot.pl needs fping (obviously) and the telnet library (less obvious) server.conf needs to be changed to: user nobody group nogroup The network manager in Ubuntu 9.10 has to be completely removed, disabling it will not do. I have tried three wifi adaptors, all sort of worked but paying good money for a good adaptor is worth it (RealTek ones have been by far the most stable) Thanks for your help, onto the next problem...............................
  4. I have had another go, fresh install of Ubuntu 9.10, reflashed the fonera+ and everything started OK. I only get an error when I reach the wpa_supplicant line. The connection does not happen. There is no longer a wpa_supplicant.example file in Ubuntu but rather ones for open, wep, wpa-psk, wpa-enterprise etc. I'm not sure what I need, I have tried wpa-psk for the least errors (actually no errors, nothing happens but a CR/LF). Can anyone tell me the wpa_supplicant.conf file that is working? The wifi card is now stable under ubuntu 9.10 and connects to lots of other stuff. The ipk's all installed without error (I used exaclty the versions indicated in the walk through rather than grabbing the latest) I'm not 100% certain about openvpn, is there a demon to start? As the installer doesn't seem to have done this. Also, the certificate generation asks for an additonal field called "Name" which I just left blank. Thanks and forgive the windows guy his dumb questions, and a happy new year. lawn_dart
  5. OK, I wet back and started again, all from Ubuntu 8. The network manager is running I went through the walkthru and these are the issues I hit: after running opkg install *ipk I get * ERROR: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for kmod-tun: * kernel (= * I don't know if kmod-tun actually installed at this point, I guess not. When creating the unpack directory and then untarring the interceptor files an interceptor directory is created, I don't think this is a problem though as long as all the paths are changed When I go to easy-rsa, I get a choice of directories 1.0 or 2.0, I went with 2.0, again probably no issue all by the numbers after that until the wpa_supplicant command as the file wpa_supplicant.conf doesn't exist. So, I copy over the example file and add the SSID and PSK into the appropriate fields. When I rerun wpa_supplicant I get a new line (and no errors) but nothing about "trying to associate" about 30 second later Ubuntu (on a HP2133) hangs and locks up, it takes a power cycle to recover the pc. If I connect through the network manager (no idea how to get it off) the PC also hangs about 30 seconds after the connection is made. On the Fon the command "wlanconfig ath0 list" does briefly show a connection, then the connection is lost. No pings across the wireless are ever successfull. The fon seems to be doing everything it should apart from that first installer error. The wireless dongle I'm using works with other wireless connections with ubuntu (and BT3). Any ideas? and thanks for your time.
  6. Hi, I have a UK Fon+ and after fighting with the cable it all worked and openWRT is working just fine. But, I can't set up the openVPN. Under XP, BT3 and Ubuntu 8 things just don't seem to install in the way that the episode or the Digininja say so. The key bits seem to be with the wireless on my laptop. The wpa_supplicant just seems to make no sense under XP, and very time I try and use it under Ubuntu or BT3 some unixie blithering nonsense about not being able to read a config file that is quite clearly there pops up and then something else about drivers. Could anyone help? As though to a small child how do I get Ubuntu 8 or XP to connect to the wireless on what seems to be a happy little fon+ interceptor?
  7. It is possible to detect pasive devices, but difficult (TDR 'n' stuff). I work on corporate systems a great deal and it is almost never done. Wireless IPS however, is becoming much more common. The ability to detect the presence of a WiFi signal, encoded or not might get sniffed. The drones do sometimes look for this stuff, even find it sometimes. Some Wireless IPS can triangulate the devices location, even flood the channel with noise. There is always a way.
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