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  1. I have a CycloDS and I loves it! FYI The original R4 does not support SDHC which means that it cannot handle capacities larger than 2 gigabytes. 3rd parties have taken the original R4 and made special SDHC compatible R4s but because the card is so old, lots of advancements have been made in the AceKard, CycloDS and other like cards.
  2. Can't you just use the free, open source, cross platform, and just plain awesome Virtualbox?
  3. ImgBurn for Win (Free) Alcohol 120% for Win (Not Free) InfraRecorder for Portable (Free) dd for Linux (Built In)
  4. My name is Verdi a.k.a cornboy3 Age: 15 Favourite game: Halo3 Favourite OS: Debian & Win7 Favourite console: Xbox running XBMC Nationality: Canadian Accent: English (canadian) Sex: Male Race: Whatever canadian is Height: > 6ft Build: Round Favourite band: Basshunter/pronobozo Favourite book: Harry Potter Favourite author: J.K. Rowling Favourite movie: The Matrix/ The new StarTrek Favourite director: Dunno Favourite TV Show: Eureka Favourite actor: N/A Favourite actress: N/A Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba Favourite Comedian: Russell Peters Other hobbies: Programming, Intelligent Discussion, Watching Hak5, Learning, Go Karting, Graphic Design, and Computer Repair. Car: N/A Don't even have my license yet Occupation: Honours Student
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