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  1. I know this is an old thread and all, but., you lug these along with you? why not a FT 857, a mini buddipole and a vx8r with the GPS antenna for the APRS. Save yourself a few lbs in the process.
  2. SSH is kinda like you are in a room full of people with a friend. You tap your friend on the shoulder, and when he looks at you, you whisper him instructions for a task to complete. TELNET is kinda the same thing. Except the room is general population in a prison, and you and your friend are cute boys with very pretty mouths. And are naked.. yeah kinda like that
  3. our sister agency has issued an alert for feb 10, for possible terror actions. I asked "what for?" the response I got "Possible terrorist action by the hacker group anonymous against the church of scientology" I started laughing my ass off. I had to bring the agents in charge of this up to speed. (you have to understand, old folks dont spend much time away from msn, yahoo, & cnn when on the intarwebz
  4. sooory, I thought I posted on one of these before, bad form on my part. My name is Lester AKA BPShirase Favourite game: COD4 Favourite OS: Windows XP, no, on second thought, DOS Favourite console: ALL of them Age:? old enough to remember when hardware came with their own proprietary OS's and the TI-99 referred to a computer not a calculator. Been around since it was HAK(point)5 and the intro was too long. Just that I don't post much. and what threads I did post on are long deleted. Occupation. Emergency Management
  5. 35,000 members sounds like a fairly good reason to break away from myspsace & go start your own thing. There's always Facebook
  6. /i/ is still down and anon is all over the place trying to regroup. 711 had that message from "the regime" or some thing along with a reply to their you tube vid. ah the drama. starting to play out like a skiddie soap opera.
  7. ......well so much for that.. http://711chan.org/ http://www.partyvan.info/ both down.
  8. but if it does bring in better talent. will we even hear about it? (if a tree falls in the woods sorta thing?) or more accurately, i dropplet in a rainshower?
  9. What I'm worried 'bout is the new slew of skiddies produced by this. I mean Anon & company practically spoonfed the tools to anyone asking /from Digg's quotes.. what do you guys think?
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