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  1. Hurm.. You've got me interested in this solution. I didn't try that chainloader configuration when I was using a USB Flashdrive (my current solution works with a USB HDD). Have you actually been able to install windows7 off of the drive. Everything I tried with a USB flashdrive would allow me to boot up the installer but it would error out because it wasn't able to locate the files. My belief was that grub could see the multiple partitions of the drive but when the windows installer took over it wasn't able to. I even went as far as slipstreaming hacked drivers into the installation but that got me nowhere. Please let me know if you have actually installed the operating system from the flashdrive using this method. Yea, sorry I forgot to mention how I got past this. You can google instructions to create drivers that will let windows think the flash drive is a hdd and view all the partitions. This made it easier for me to work with the device. ~Scott
  2. Brandon, I had this problem a few times and I worked through it a few different ways. Currently to boot to a windows installer my Menu.lst looks like this title Install Windows Vista Ultimate --TEST rootnoverify (hd0,1) makeactive chainloader +1 rootnoverify tells Grub to make Hard Drive 0 partition 1 root (you can check this with an 'ls' command while in the grub command prompt. You should be seeing the windows installation files. makeactive sets that partition as active so it can be booted from. chainloader +1 instructs the computer were to start looking for a bootloader. Make sure the correct partition is loaded (using the ls command) if it is and you are still getting the same message that partition may not be bootable. making it bootable is pretty simple: on windows put in your installation dvd or mount the image open command prompt change to your disc drive (D:\) move to boot directory (cd boot) use this command to copy the boot manager: BOOTSECT.EXE/NT60 H: (H: referrs to the drive where you have the intallation files located on your usb drive.) Your drive should not be bootable. Sorry if this seems a little rough i'm rushing back to work but please let me know how to you make out with this solution, and if you get the cd/dvd drivers error. ~Scott
  3. I'm stuck again. Spent all day trying different configurations of partitions and grub settings but nothing seems to work. I have been able to create a second partition on my USB drive and load windows installation files from an ISO. I know the files are good I did an install off of them earlier. I can get grub to boot this second partition and it starts to load but then I get a missing drivers error. From what I can tell this is because windows can still only see the first partition on a USB Flash drive and the installation files are on a second partition it doesn't know where to find the files. I have tried 'makeactive' (gives me an error 29 half of the time). I have tried setting the root and hiding the first partition either way when the windows bootloader takes over everything is lost. I've even tried to play around with the map command to see if I can map partitions with no luck. I have one last avenue I'm looking into right now and that is slip-streaming a hacked driver for the USB key to appear as an external HDD. I'm hoping that this will allow the windows vista installation program to read from both partitions of my USB drive. I'll pop back in tomorrow to let you know if i'm successful or not. I hope anyone else working on this is having better luck than I am. ~Scott
  4. Hey deafsquad! So right now I have mine set up a little differently. According the the Episode 5x24 thread booting the .iso won't work. I boot an iso it starts to load and then as soon as it starts to install it goes to a BSOD. This is because there is a protected mode on the kernel that forbids installing like this. (Keep in mind I'm still using the older Grub and not Grub2 yet) To fix this a I created a second partition on the drive, loaded the boot record from the image and then copied all the files onto the drive. When I did this it booted and went to install but gave me another error about missing drivers. I believe that error has to do with a bad image so I am downloading a new one now and will try again. Someone else pointed out a program called WinToFlash that does all that work for you. I'm going to see if that makes it easier. I'll be back in a few hours with an update for you guys. Here's the Code I use to boot the second partition (which was formatted in NTFS): title Install Windows 7 --HUGE TEST rootnoverify (hd0,1) makeactive chainloader +1
  5. I currently have a USB Multipass with multiple partitions. It is undergoing testing to see how well it holds up but right now it seems to be functioning correctly. As mentioned earlier in the thread there is a lot of interest in being able to install Windows OSes from a drive like this. Since we cant do it straight from the .iso I have set up a separate partition that all the OS files (Windows 7 for this first attempt) have been extracted and I created a grub menu item which boots to that partition title Install Windows 7 -Test rootnoverify hd(0,1) chainloader +1 So far it loads up in a virtual machine and I will be attempting an installation from it shortly. Once I get my data back from a laptop I botched with trk2usb ;-P If anyone is interested I'll post later with a full how-to once I have my method cleaned up a little. I had one hell of a time getting windows to read multiple partitions on a flash drive. Ultimately I want to have XP home + Pro, Vista, and 7 all on this drive along with the recovery tools that's been discussed in the thread. Thank you to the Hak5 crew and everyone in the thread who I learned from! ~Scott
  6. Hey, I've been using the pineapple for a little while now so I think I might be able to help you. I haven't connected my pineapple through my router, instead i've been sharing the internet connection from my laptop but the principles should be the same. Connecting the pineapple like you do will give you two networks, the regular HomeNetwork you've always had and and then the network that is created by Jasager which you want your targets to connect to. As long as you connect your computer to the Jasager network you will be able to access the web interface (using which ever ip address you assigned it to normally and use Hamster and Ferret for your all your session jacking amusement. I think you can set the pineapple to DHCP mode and then access the web interface when connecting to your HomeNetwork as long as you find the ip address of the pineapple. I may be slightly wrong about DHCP mode, but I am sure someone here can correct me. A computer will usually connect to the strongest available network so if you are trying to catch your neighbors it might prove to be a little difficult. To test mine I just added a preferred network to my computers and assigned it the highest priority so it chose to connect to my pineapple instead of the normal network. The beauty of the pineapple is to use it in a high traffic area, like an airport or a coffee shop where your targets high priority networks aren't around so they get sucked into your connection. I hope this helps, ~Scott
  7. I have wanted to put a glass dry erase board in my room for a while so I can keep a ToDo list that I couldn't help but look at everyday (or just draw funny pictures on), so I was mulling the idea around with some buddies from work and came upon the idea of taking a Pico Projector and projecting a computer desktop onto the glass. My current desktop setup has news feeds and the such on the sides an bottom but leaves the middle of the screen empty, I figure this would be perfect allowing me plenty of real estate use markers while seeing all my news and twitter messages on the sides. I could also let it slide show pictures and even throw on some video if I so desired. I have most of the designs finished, I know where I'm hiding the projector and the resolution is good enough for what I want to do, but I have never tried to project onto glass before. I am wondering if someone here might have some suggestions on the best way to do this. Clear glass wont work without a crazy expensive projector set, but I am hoping that frosted glass might be able to give me the effect that I want. If anyone has any experience or information that might help me out I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks. ~Scott
  8. Nope nothing really special. It says GeekSquad and I think it has a link to their 24 hour support page but besides that its just a way for them to brand.
  9. This is the background i've been using for the last few days on my main Laptop. I change them up pretty frequently though. Besides that Enigma Desktop Customization: -Right Side- CPU, RAM, HDD, Battery Meter Rainmeter Calendar RSS Feeds for Google News, Lifehacker, and the Hak5 Forums (They link directly to the sites) -Left Side- Date, Time, Location Bar To Do List (click to edit) CPU, RAM, HDD, Power Meter -Bottom- Album Art for Currently Playing Track (No Visible) Digital Clock Location based on IP System Monitor Icons Weather The image is a screen shot from Eve Online. Some of the customizations are a little redundant I have some more work to do on it but it's been keeping me happy for a while now.
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