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  1. Im still having the same issue. No recon data is getting to the c2 from the pineapple but it exists localy. Another issue i noticed is with the Pineapple Tetra, you cant chose what RF spectrum to scan on and it defaults to 2.4 GHz every time.... Its almost easier to use the tetra as a plant and come back for it like originally intended. Network performance on the ISP side of the pineapple is also a factor. If the pineapples internet becomes unstable or unavailable, the pineapple will disconnect from the C2 and not try to reconnect if a recon is running.... Just a few issues I've noticed so far
  2. im having an issue with the c2 pulling the pineapple recon data. I have the c2 hosted in the google cloud with c2 over port 80 with 1 pineapple tetra (ive tried with a nano as well). I can do everything to include ssh into the device but i can not get the recon data to pull up from live or from a previous scan (it sees them but shows no data)
  3. same issue here. at most current version as of this post.
  4. If you have changed your recon log path to the SD card, you first must make the directory where they will reside. If you put a path in that does not exist, pineap will not start properly. Not sure if this was other peoples issue but it fixed it for me.
  5. Im having the same issue on Kali 2.X. the connection seems to not negotiate a proper handshake.
  6. OIFhax

    Pwnie Express

    I have the pwn plug elite that i am testing for my company out of boston if Hak5 (Daren) would like to check it out. email me at damionmacpherson@gmail.com
  7. Two words for you "Blue Coat"... ok actualy its only one word, but whatevs... look it up, it has ssl interception and i know first hand that on the backend, most ISP's use it... just encrypt your traffic with your torrent, set it to use port 80 or 21 or some other well known port that doesnt scream "HEY LOOK AT ME!!! IM DOWNLOADING THE NEW CARE BEARS MOVIE!!!!" or what every you crazy kids are downloading now a days, and you wont get caught. Im not saying its right to do it, but as a freedom of information activist, it kinda goes with the territory... cheers!
  8. You are a douche. You don’t work for wal mart (or you might.. whatever) so leave it for the IT guys there. They will fix it because that is what they are paid for. Would you empty the garbage one the whay out for them as well? They certainly don’t need some douche walking around f#$^ing up their s@$t. Let it go man! Find a girl friend, or something that will fill that void in your life that you so desperately need to fill!
  9. I dont think that i have to say this, and lord knows that i should'nt, but what are you kids doing? This kid got in trouble and instead of not doing it again, he finds a way around it!!?? Beat your kids, because sometimes its the only way they will learn!
  10. you need to edit your etter.conf file. do some searching and the answer will be clear.
  11. OIFhax


    Good point, learn the hard way then the easy way...
  12. OIFhax


    uncomment the "redir_command_on" line in the etter.conf file.... just do some googleing and you will find your answer. ;)
  13. Judging from some of your other posts, this was not your friend that asked you to do this, I’m thinkin that it was your lappy that you did it to and now your p0rn is gone... but i digress... If your "friend" did in fact tell you to "go for it" the data loss is his problem, not yours. You were just doing what you were asked to do. Tell him good luck in finding a solution. If only there was some kind of forum where he could ask this question...
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