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  1. Got there in the end. Had several memory limit exceptions whilst trying to install Ruby core and Jasager. I used killall and stopped httpd, crond, syslogd etc so that the modules would install. The end result is that version 2 is now installed over what was an existing DD-WRT install. :-)
  2. Initially my FON was loaded with DD-WRT v24/ I followed the instructions here: Jasager Install and everything went smoothly. I could not backspace using Putty to connect through telnet and ended up using the nicknames and fco -d (dumb terminal) to edit fconfig. Apart from that I did not see any error messages. I left my LAN interface set to where I was runnung TFTP from. I used to get to the Jasager interface through Firefox and I get a network timeout. I also used a standard LAN cable and not a crossover. I can ping and geet replies. What am I doing wrong?
  3. Looking for a pointer to install Jasager on a 2100 Fonera that already has DD-WRT installed on it and not the Fonera stock image. Thanks
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