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  1. @acer5050 I can't download the iso. The torrent has no seeders. Also why is it 800+mb? I think you need to uncompress all man pages, remove /usr/share/doc, and most /usr/share/locale subfolders to get under 700mb. I have done this on my archiso-live project. I also don't know what desktop your using so kde could be the reason for the size.
  2. My archiso-live project does just that. Its uses slax initrd as a middle root filesystem to emulate slax with archlinux kernel. (for the most part) This is so it works with archlinux kernel since it only its not compiled for slax scripts. Also my method works with newer kernels 2.6.29 and up. The slax scripts don't work with kernel 2.6.29 and up from what i have heard. I also added findiso boot option so you can use it with grub2 on your multipass. There is another boot option called modpath that will allow you to bind a folder on your hard drive or usb stick so you can mount modules in it. This is good when using it from cd or using it on your multipass usb stick. The arch2lzm scripts will help you with making the modules. Here is the code for making the modules: pacman -Sy arch2lzm pkg packagename I hope this helps everyone.
  3. My archiso-live cd is based on different scripts then the official archiso scripts. The official archiso scripts used a text file to setup newer squashfs files i think. There is more info on my build scripts below: Website: http://github.com/godane/archiso-live Hope it helps.
  4. I been working on a archlinux livecd for the last year and a half. I release new isos every week or so since archlinux is a rolling distro. After watching 5x24 episode i started making my archiso-live project work with booting from iso. This is so i could use the iso file in my multipass usb stick. I also added some other boot options to added software to iso on boot. My archiso-live project uses archlinux intramfs + slax initrd as a squashfs+lzma module. This makes it work with archlinux kernel without having to build things into the kernel. I added a boot options called findiso and modpath. Modpath is so you can added modules from other devices when using findiso or booting from cd. Findiso is so you can find iso on your boot device. here is the what you need for it to work in grub2: menuentry "Archiso-live iso" { loopback loop /boot/iso/archiso-live-2009-09-11.iso linux (loop)/boot/vmlinuz elevator=deadline findiso=/boot/iso/archiso-live-2009-09-11.iso lang=en_US keyb=us load=overlay usbdelay=5 video=vesafb:ywrap,mtrr,1280x1024-32@60 session=xfce nohd modpath=modules initrd (loop)/boot/initrd.img } You can make packages into modules with arch2lzm command in shell. pacman -Sy arch2lzm pkg package-name I hope this helps. Website: http://godane.wordpress.com/ NOTE: linux-live scripts don't work with kernel 2.6.29 and up. This is only with if you try to build a kernel based slax kernel config. Some reason the normal way linux-live worked before doesn't do it anymore for newer kernels. My scripts doesn't cause this problem with newer kernels.
  5. I final got it to translated to english. This is just the gui for now. But it its in english and ready to be installed. Link here. This tar you can drop into root of your file system. Its all setup to go. English gui is translate. So this is to see how it was done: I had the translation last week but i didn't know i need to convert .po to .mo. I used a autotranslate.py script to do this. You need to use pocompile to create the .mo file need for the gui to use. You need django or django-svn, django-utils, and translate-toolkit to use the autotranslate.py. I hope this helps.
  6. @dr0p I have a archlinux live cd that could be of use to you. Link here. It has xfce for desktop. There is a installer and unetbootin on iso too. You can also use powertop to find how much power is being used. It has some of the hak5 tools in the iso too. :D here is a list of some of the tools you may like: aesfix aeskeyfind airpwn asleap bcwipe cowpatty amap aircrack-ng john dsniff Recovery tools: ddrescue testdisk foremost autopsy magicrescue I figure this tools would be good enough to have on a livecd for recovery reasons. Hope this helps.
  7. Maybe your guys should try out my unofficial archlinux live cd. This will give you a desktop archlinux install since added a installer to the livecd. You get the iso at my blog here. I hope this helps. PS The lastest version is called Archiso-Testing cause i been using the testing repo of archlinux. This is mostly do to the major rebuild with bash 4.0 and readline. I will more then like not use testing repo with the libjpeg rebuild coming since it will break community packages.
  8. There are some archlinux like livecds that have some of what hak5 distro would need. Chaox is a live environment based on Arch Linux focusing on pentesting and forensics. Chaox-ng Archpwd is a dvd iso based on archlinux for pentesting also. Its more like backtrack but based on archlinux. Its also based on modified scripts that i made for my archiso-live project. Archpwd I hope this helps.
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