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  1. Not sure if its possible, but I downloaded the new mono 2.4 for ubuntu linux (also installed the libmono for winforms) and tried running SProxy.exe and Pandora.exe. I got the following error with SProxy.exe rick@rick-desktop:~/Programs/Saver2$ sudo mono SProxy.exe [sudo] password for rick: 9/28/2009 8:51:06 AM SProxy application started. 9/28/2009 8:51:06 AM Searching for plugins in /home/rick/Programs/Saver2\ 9/28/2009 8:51:06 AM Something has went horribly wrong in SProxy. Exception Information: 'Directory '/home/rick/Programs/Saver2\' not found.' at System.IO.Directory.Ge
  2. Will this only work for windows (or mac?) is there any chance this would work on linux?
  3. Awesome, I can confirm that this works in Ubuntu linux. Was waiting for a while for something like pandorasaver that would work in linux. One question/request: is there a way to save the music in some kind of folder hierarchy like pandorasaver - by artist and album as well as station?
  4. I wish I had thought of that... I actually unistalled wine because .net had screwed it up a bit, and I couldn't uninstall it from the menu. If I get around to playing with it again I will definitely post a screenshot. Do you have any plans to build this with mono? Mind you I'm not insinuating that would be easy - I have no idea how hard that would be as I am not a super experience programmer, I'm just curious.
  5. I don't exactly remember, and I couldn't cut and paste the error, but it wouldn't start, and gave me an error screen. I installed .net 2.0 because I couldn't get 3.5 to work - and according to the wine website, this is the consensus.
  6. Just for anyone who is interested - I tried running SProxy.exe in WinE (after installing .net 2.0 within WinE) on Ubuntu Linux 9.04 and could not get it to work. Has anyone tried this and succeeded? I really like this application a lot, and am actually virtualizing windows largely to run it - which is a bit of a waste to me... I remember some time ago ZigZagJoe said he would try compiling it with mono instead of .net. Any progress with this? Anyway, great application, keep up the good work.
  7. Sorry if anyone has already answered this, but will PandoraSaver run under linux in any way? Has anyone tried it with WinE or anything else?
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