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  1. My experience with Win7 has actually been really bad - programs crash all the time, machines hang, data loss. I'm going to stick to the Microsoft rule of thumb - no using a new OS before SP1.
  2. Using speakers, I'd probably agree with you. But I mostly use good quality headphones, and with on-board sound I usually get annoying background static. If no one has any insight, I'm going to buy the X-Fi Extreme Audio. The question is, how good is Linux support? EDIT: I now see in Wikipedia that the X-Fi Extreme Audio PCI-E is basically the same card I have now, just more expensive and with surround and compatibility problems. Back to the drawing board.
  3. I need some recommendations for a new sound card. Not a high-end deal, just something better than the on-board Realtek crap. Good Linux support is a must. I also kinda like Creative's EAX and hardware acceleration, but will consider alternatives. Right now I have the Creative Audigy Value. Sound quality is just fine in Windows, but it's a really low-end card and it doesn't have an official Linux driver. The open source driver is not so good: volume levels sometime reset (blasting my ears when restarting), constant crackling noises, etc. Any suggestions? What are you using?
  4. If that were true, then ms. Cyrus could be a sex offender - she uploaded CP to MySpace.
  5. I'm assuming you mean horizontal centering... Try - .class { margin: 0 auto; } (You can of course substitute the 0 for any other value.)
  6. As my signature says, this was my first computer: A Timex-Sinclair 1000. Good for learning BASIC and not much else. My first PC in the sense we use the word today, was some unknown PC-XT clone running at 10MHz and sporting a jaw-dropping 512KB of RAM. Twice the typical amount in those days.
  7. A Python or Perl script would work on any OS, provided that you install the interpreter. Basic C/C++ should compile without change, but of course the binary produced is platform-specific. Compiled Java programs are supposed to work on all platforms. In this case I think a script will be the easiest and fastest to do. I suggest adding a random 4-digit number at the beginning of each filename. Makes it easy to de-randomize.
  8. I see it as a good opportunity to try and circumvent the blocking. It's a fun exercise.
  9. Nice coffee mug there, Matt. But seriously, people. These racks belong in a chilled room with humidity control, not in the same room with people. The noise is unbearable.
  10. xdmag


    Looks like a classic use for one of the light Linux distros out there. I bet it would be better than Win95, and more secure. And it can read PDFs too... Anyone wants to suggest a good distro for 128MB RAM?
  11. A friend of mine once said that Microsoft has only 3 really good products: 1. Exchange Server 2. Excel 3. Windows XP
  12. The good: costs $20. The bad: 1.5mbit download, 128kbit upload (how can anyone LIVE in these conditions?!) The ugly: Pings are atrocious. Alas, the middle east is so far from civilization.
  13. If you're sure that all your drivers are updated and there are no problematic devices showing in the device manager, it's time to run memtest. STOP 0x8E is popular with faulty RAM (happened to me several times). Also, if you can, post the error message and register values that appear in the error log.
  14. Using Microsoft tools (such as ASP or VBScript) you can run SQL queries on an Excel sheet. If you are on a *nix/Linux server, maybe you can automate OpenOffice to convert the XLS into CSV then process the results.
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