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  1. I tried to search the forum threads for a windows 7000 crack but couldn't find any links Well I had a beta license for this and I misplaced it but I doubt it would work since they have disabled the beta program . I have installed the build again but need help with a serial or the time nuker....all the links i search online are dead so has anyone here recently cracked a copy or so ? Please comment
  2. yes somewhat close .....based on MAC address identify a machine and load a set of programs as per preference
  3. Thanks boris for your insight. Well I will try looking into tcpdump and the likes. And also let me try to add to this if it can clarify further what I need. For instance, I turn my PC on and it sends a DHCP request, The router gets the MAC and assigns an IP address, From here I would like the router to start a program or open a browser by pinging to the machine or starting a cron or something. Like the chrome browser stores your browsing habits what if the router could recognize your MAC and start a set of programs on boot. That is what I thought of initially. I know the router does have flash memory which has limited writes but again just wanted to know if we could start these processes via just the communication protocols. Could you critique on this.
  4. So my setup is a Linksys WRT160 N and 2 machines 1 running a windows xp and another an Ubuntu 8.10. I want to know if there is a way that the router can send a message to my PC when it receives a DHCP request and grants it an IP address. Like for instance when the IP address is granted it has the MAC address too so it sends a message "YOUR IP (internal or external is " Now, I know the router (WRT160n) has a log of the DHCP requests with the mac addresses and the IP addresses as well. Since I have an Ubuntu machine could I access this log through the machine and have a cron job running to check for IP addresses assigned or could this be done through the Router by its own. I just care about the messaging functionality...I am sure there is a way ....I am looking into it....but do any of you guys know how this could be accomplished ??
  5. I have been reading about setting up OPEN VPN on UBUNTU 8.10 so that I could login to my VPN from my windows PC when I am away from home. I have come to find out that the upload speed will be affected ultimately slowing my Internet connection at home as the VPN traffic will upload all the traffic to my PC when I login. So is there any better suggestions or alternatives to doing this ? All I am trying to achieve is secure browsing when I am away from home. Let me know if you HAK5ers use such a connection.
  6. mshenoy

    VPN Use

    Well my school VPN allows such access. I often log in when I am online via some unsecure access point and I use VPN to secure my connection jus like "wire" said.... So I donno if that is wrong... but I am keen how can the system admin make the network differentiate between the types of traffic ? jus curious
  7. no not like WPA... I do have WPA setup I mean something more like a home vpn or sort of like that ... is an home vpn possible ?
  8. I have a related question to this.... like for securing my home wifi network using windows and/or linux as my OS to access the wifi what are the best ways to secure the network except what you mentioned earlier to hide data.... like TOR and Truecrypt ...those are by all means gr8 tools... What i wish to achieve is anonymity more like BITBLINDER if you guys have heard about it.... Like Can i make a vpn network as my home network ? Any tips are welcome... I just want to learn what various ways there are to achieve these.
  9. Thanks boris for all the help... great as usual
  10. @zimmer --- dude u havent yet met but now you have... and I don't see why you even replied... cos ur post isnt useful in any aspect to this thread ?
  11. Yea I think DNS isn't open. I was just assuming theres some way to get out to the internet. Anyways thanks for the reply
  12. So since the WLAN is not allowing me to go outside as per the ACL's there is no way out to the outside world ? Yea as you said I think everything is blocked so I don't see a way out. But I was wondering DNS should have a way out. On that note does anyone have a full fledged article or something on DNS where in I can read the ins and outs of it. Detailing every aspect of it. Let me know if anyone in the community knows.. Thanks for the help so far.
  13. hahahah thanks for the warning... I know what you mean ... but I just have to try it .... I am too freaking curious to know what their setup is and how the hell they are blocking it.... thats just me and as what you said I did try that.... tell me tell you how the setup is ... When I connect to the access point the IP I am assigned is 192.168.218.* the gateway is the DHCP server is a different ip 134.88.3.* and the Dns server is 134.88.1.* So as you said I changed the dns server to the gateway and then to the dhcp address respectively but it still wont freaking resolve anything....
  14. No it does not... Not until I am inside the VPN... if I am on the access point and I nslookup it gives a "DNS timed out timeout was 2 seconds ***Can't find server name for address is the gateway probably): timed out" That is precisely the message I get So hence I am confused.... What do you think can be done ?
  15. hey there hak5'ers, Well I have a setup at school where we first connect to a WIFI access point and then sign in to the VPN to get access to the INTERNET. So the other day I saw the episode 5X04 where mubix has a strategy to ssh through DNS. But now when I connect to the access point I tried pinging outside the network but it wont work not Google nothing. So its apparent that they have disabled "icmp out" at the access point or something like that. I am doing this just to get a hang of this and I just want to know what would be another way to accomplish the same ? Like ping to my server outside without getting on the VPN and only through the access point. I can ping the access point Gateway at least but not at all to the outside....
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