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  1. but what i got so far for the batch is that any good to grab the stuff i need?
  2. does the podslurp grab .pdf files and here is wat i got sofar for my thing @echo off mkdir "H:\Desktop" xcopy "C:\Documents and Settings\all users\Desktop" "H:\Desktop" /s/c/q/r/h/y and this works but it will onyl grab the things off the all users desktop how can i make it grab the stuff of the my desktop wich the name is coruptiveā„¢ <--- i know... corny. and also.. can i make it automaticaly grab the things from the person this is logged in instead of me puting in there username each time?
  3. i know it should be simple but i cant seem to get it to work right.. i can only get it to create the folder the my flashdrive but i cant get it to copy there desktop to it could someone paste what i have to type in the batch and ill just copy paste it? (im not to great at this kinda stuff)
  4. i was checking out a friends computer and he has something i want on his desktop but he wont give it to me.. i was wondering if there is a way to pop in my flash drive and it will automaticaly copy that thing i want to my flash drive (silently) i dont want him to know its copying. the flash drive i have and hope to use is a sandisk cruzer u3 smart and its 2gigs. OR can it be were everything on his desktop goes to my flashdrive silently. even all of his icons files folders that are on his desktop go to my flashdrive (i would rather it be this way, not just 1 specific file) that would be nice thanks
  5. my isp is cox communications there the most popular isp were im from everyone has it here..
  6. well i cant do torrentz because there illegal and for some reason the isp magnets lol... ive already got my internet shut off twice from them and 1 more im in some trouble and i cant create my own because like you sayd it will take forever and i dont have that time and i dont wana pay for them really.. anyother suggestions?
  7. well yea i know... but it should get me what i need to get =) so do you or anyone else know what i need to do? can you give me a link to a table that is 4gb or above then? thanks
  8. ok well i saw this video on youtube and thought i would try it out and i downloaded the loader and installed it on my u3 2gb sandisk cruzer flashdrive thing and ican get it to were it gives me the logg file and when i open it it shows the stuff but i think i need the rainbow tables to crack the hash so i guess what im asking is were can i get a table that he used 4gb? that will work to crack a hash i searched for one but couldnt find one. and also.. do i have to download rainbow crack and extract it to my c:\ drive and then put the 4gb table in that folder? if not then what should i do after getting the table
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