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  1. Reavy

    Hey, dd3. What happened to the IRC network you were running? It looks like the Hak5 IRC network mysteriously moved without any notice (at least that I can find).

  2. Feel free to contact me on irc.secfo.org #hak5 :-)

  3. Hello World

  4. The integrated webchats at hak5 and pineapple uni don't work at the moment, and the hak5 staff cannot fix it before they have moved the server they say. For now you can use the webchat at http://irc.hak5.org/ or http://webchat.secfo.org (they are the same) Then join #hak5 for the main chat and #pineapple if you need help with your pineapple. :-) Cheers DD3
  5. GUFW is based on UFW, the ubuntu firewall.. Kali is linux and is based on Debian that uses iptables.. if you really want a GUI, try firestarter.
  6. dd3

    Dynamic DNS

    You could always use dyndns or noip, get a subdomain for your home ip, then forward your domain name to the sub domain from dyndns/noip :-)
  7. If you run skype already, doesnt make any difference if you have premium access :-) Edit: Also if you don't want to have NSA backdoors.. Mainly stay away from Windows and OS X, and generally stay away from any american service.
  8. Hey, just a little heads up about the new Skype offer By signing up with a random email at https://collaboration.skype.com/promotion/ , you will get 12 months of skype premium for free. Edit: You can use several email accounts to get keys and then use them on the same skype account, 1 year per key (Thanks to Wh1p) Cheers
  9. I don't see an issue with having android on the show.. most of us like to fool around, and most of us have an android device of some kind.. So whats the issue?
  10. Hey i would like to post this on behalf of the GCW-Zero devs. We'd like to announce a new Kickstarter Campaign for the development of the GCW Zero, a handheld console built around the Ingenic JZ4770 1 GHz MIPS processor. The similarity in architecture with the Dingoo A320 allows the GCW Zero to make use of an existing library of open source emulators and games developed for the Dingoo A320. The Kickstarter Campaign has been started to gain traction for a larger production run. CPU: Ingenic JZ4770 1 GHz MIPS processor GPU: Vivante GC860, capable of OpenGL ES 2.0 Display: 3.5 inch LCD with 320x240 pixels; 4:3 aspect ratio is ideal for retro gaming Memory: 256 MB DDR2 Internal storage: 8 GB, most of which is available for applications and data External storage: micro SDHC up to 32 GB or micro SDXC of 64 GB (SDXC cards must be reformatted before use) Mini USB 2.0 OTG Mini HDMI 1.3 out 3.5 mm (mini jack) A/V port for earphone and analog TV-out Stereo speakers, mono microphone Accelerometer (g-sensor) and vibration motors Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz, can connect to access point or direct device-to-device Dimensions: 143 * 70 * 18 mm Weight: 8 oz / 225 g Battery: 2800 mAh GCW Zero Homepage official github
  11. I watched it too, it changed my view on assange completly, i just wish there was more content.
  12. But rooting or jailbreaking isen't a crime, and doesn't void the warranty.. At least not where i am ;)
  13. This has been planned from the start almost.. SD card on the ducky that is. :)
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