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  1. Here's another question that requires one of those pills you have ... why would I use Pandora when I can select a song, an album or an artist with GrooveShark? I see 160 and up bitrates. May not have album art but I change it anyway. And it uses the blacklist file. Your name may not be Ferris Bueller but you're still my hero!
  2. Happy Holidays ZZJ! 1. Is there a way to suppress my stupid questions so others won't know how ignorant I am? 2. Downloaded little while ago (from when Pandora did v29[?] change). Will that fix what seems like a timeout problem where Pandora stops (will upload log if you like)? Not sure if it's due to local loss of connection via RoadRunner. 3. How do I use Grooveshark? I start Saver2 and it starts up Pandora. Can't figure out how to turn one on/off. 4. Is GS music similar to Pandora - individual music files? Or is it streaming? Mahalo in advance!
  3. Yep, it's working again. That was strange enough Mahalo!
  4. Just ran into this: 11/2/2010 6:11:30 PM --- SPROXY APPLICATION STARTED --- 11/2/2010 6:11:30 PM No command line options specifed 11/2/2010 6:11:30 PM Executable Path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Saver2\ 11/2/2010 6:11:30 PM Data Directory: C:\Users\Bryan\AppData\Roaming\SProxy\ 11/2/2010 6:11:30 PM Logging file: C:\Users\Bryan\AppData\Roaming\SProxy\sproxy_11.02_18.11.30_-_(active).log 11/2/2010 6:11:30 PM Debug level of 0 11/2/2010 6:11:30 PM [DEBUG] Logging active! 11/2/2010 6:11:30 PM --- Initializating plugins --- 11/2/2010 6:11:30 PM Searching in C:\Program Files (x86)\Saver
  5. ZZJ: Haven't been around for a while because all's been good. Until Pandora's change, that is, and your update which forced me to install the newest and greatest version. Just had one minor issue (and me not wanting to read through 40+ pages of postings); so seeing the quick live chat feature caught my eye. Was more surprised that you were online and available so I was typing as fast as I could to say a quick 'hi', get an answer to my blacklist problem, and let you be on your way to get back to your schoolbooks or next version or enhancement or dinner date. I did upgrade to Pandora One mor
  6. deleted cuz seems someone got pissed..sorry...thanks for every ZZJ. Good luck in your school work.
  7. I know this really isn't about iTunes, but I've found out some further information about what iTunes does that was briefly mentioned early on, actually in a previous post. (I'm also hoping that I'm not the only one who uses iTunes lol). Here, I had replied to someone in an Apple forum who was trying to figure out why her album art wasn't "sticking" into the actual music file. She said she was getting 'white' images. This was my reply to her... In the Summary area of that song, does it say "No Artwork Available" in greyed lettering? If it is, as you say, a white screen, then you are possibly
  8. Foobar seems to be a very versitle interface which uses existing converters (such as LAME). I've converted my MP3s to the more compact MP4s since my cell phone (w/Bluetooth) supports HE-AAC. And I'm anticipating iTunes will eventually jump on the bandwagon. A caveat to my own conversion of MP3s to MP4s was that I didn't want to go from lossy to lossy directly, so I actually went from MP3 to FLAC (using Foobar as lossless), then to HE-AAC MP4. I used Nero's converter to create the HE-AAC files. The Nero AAC standalone converter (http://www.digitalradiotech.co.uk/nero_aac_ui.htm) has worked gr
  9. Hey Tubbers (et al) ... if you guys are looking for an MP4-to-MP3 converter, why don't you use Foobar2000? You just need the LAME encoder (which exists with ZZJ's PS downloader). It will also tell you that you are going from one lossy (MP4) format to another lossy (MP3) format which you are. Just set VBR on (I understand that's preferred instead of always forcing a set bit rate), and use at least 160 or higher. It will move over all (I believe) the existing tags (artist, track name, album name, etc.), except for the album cover. BUT just use another piece of software (iTunes works great) and
  10. The file extension shouldn't matter. This is from ZZJ's blacklist example file: # You can export playlists from iTunes as text and use them as blacklists, too. # Just change their extension to ".blacklist.txt" # M3U playlists work as well. Just about anything is accepted. # Place these blacklist files in the root of your save directory. # Comparisons are case-insensitive, paths + extensions are disregarded, and any punctuation is removed. I was also in the dilemna of keeping zero-byte files (which I originally did), or a blacklist. I opted for the blacklist as the number of files e
  11. Got it! So cool... Oh, forgot to thank you for creating my Vista Widget! Anticipating Well, the song fader! That's perfectly what I was looking for. I have it set to show stuff that gets ripped. It hardly does it now lol (I'm still weeding through all the download I have so far!). It's great and fits perfectly where the widget sits on the right side of the screen. You are so clever! <_<
  12. Just downloaded it. Blacklist didn't hose SProxy this time, but I noticed (maybe it was the same before?), that I have to config to use Blacklist then close settings, then reopen settings and click on load blacklist otherwise if you do it the first time it doesn't seem like it really loads the list. SProxy Mini is running fine (going on 20 minutes now). I looked at the log - I'm thinking you don't need to list the entire blacklist (I didn't look good but did it list all 7.5k songs???). I didn't see anything about being able to download - but then I am ripping on the fly so may not apply. Ye
  13. Just downloaded and was config'ing ... I hit the reload blacklist button and got this. It closed everything. Do you want me to try again and look for other quirks with Vista?
  14. http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/shexview.html When I first started using Vista, I was only using Windows Media Player (which I've come to know as WMP lol). When I'd click on my MP3 folder, it would take maybe a couple of minutes for the HDD to settle down. The files would show up quickly, but anytime I made an app or Explorer hit that particular directory, ARGH! The system would crawl until the drive stopped whatever it was doing. I read somewhere to disable WMP shell options (which became easily visible with that program ShellExView). Now I can click on my Pandora folder (with 7,500 files) and
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