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  1. Okay ... heres the output (sry for taking so long) Configuring interface My arp table ... is my home router's ip.... leftover ? For some reason tcpdump didnt catch the arp packets coming from the fon but my arp request where unanswered, anyhow im able to see everything in wireshark, the fon sends a couple of " Address Resolution Protocol (request/gratuitous ARP)" packets before going silent. If needed i can upload the pcap file. Note this is fon+ running jasager firmware.. which works fine , karma and everything, if i connect it to a router. Still no direct connection :x
  2. Yup i did :) Still nothing ... i see the arp packets coming in and the fon stays registered on my arp table but i cant connect to it ... even on different computers i get the same ... im only able to post the output in a couple of days i dont have the fon with me at the moment But yeah ... no mather what i can only connect to the fon with a router , yet im able to flash it whenever i want ..
  3. Tried exactly that ... I've tried different combinations of that of course .... but i still get nothing
  4. Computer port ? I've tried both LAN an WAN ethernet ports ... the only way to connect directly to it is by connecting a router to the LAN port or installing openwrt or gargoyle firmware configure it to enable wifi and connect via wifi... couldn't find another way ... so far
  5. hey i have a fon+ 2201 just flashed it the jasager firmware and also tryed a couple others with fon-flash from gargoyle but im never able to connect to it directly, i have to connect the fon+ to router and change the hole ip settings. im using linux, but i also tried with windows 7 .. i cant even get a ping reply. I also installed dnsmasq on my linux box but no success. Not a major problem but its kinda of annoying Any ideas ? Thanks
  6. Norwat

    Free MMORPG

    Is there any free MMORPG similiar to EVE Online ?
  7. no freebies for me either ... i ended up buying some stuff i needed anyway nice initiative tho ^^ congratz to the ppl @sparkfun cheers
  8. What about WPA2-Enterprise ? How secure is it ? If you cant get the user credentials how easy it is to crack ?
  9. Thats how CoDMW2 works : > Its an huge error to run war operations without minimal encryption tusk tusk US Army tusk tusk
  10. awesome pic is awesome and cliché thread is cliché
  11. This is a small ruby script i made to ease the process of getting the manufacturers name by a MAC address, and to exercise a bit with ruby and Regex http://www.megashare.com/1676275
  12. You can use a private tracker, or any other tracker that uses full torrent encryption, TorrentBytes does, and your able to DL at very high speeds but you cant upload. With that you may f* up your ratio and get kicked out of the tracker Best advice you'll get imo ^^ you should try torrenflux! Cheers
  13. I have 10 invites left ... anyone interested just send me a PM with your email account cheers^^
  14. sablefoxx! loved your wallpaper^^ where did you got it ?
  15. stick a blade inside a cookie and make a shuriken cookie :o
  16. see if you router is compatible with openwrt, it will give you alot more control over your network, QoS domain blocking..etc
  17. i think you are looking for this http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/wireless_key.html
  18. if you know the first two letters and have an idea about the size of the password, then puts "Possible keys:" key[0].each do |c1| key[1].each do |c2| key[2].each do |c3| key[3].each do |c4| gerada="TP"+c1+c2+c3+c4 end end end end Its ruby btw, hope you get the point
  19. Hi there! So here's the deal, i have this project in mind that involves having a video stream with and HUD overlapping it (its basically a racing game) and my problem so far as been in finding the right language/library/toolkit to work with. Since im more comfortable with ruby i've tried every GUI toolkit for it, paid special attention to rubygame, Shoes and ncurses i have a working app for all of those but it looks way to hacky :> i want something a little better looking. So ... what to you guys recommend ? These are the main requirements: - Events, i need those to capture keypresses - Video streaming support - Nothing way to hard to learn - I would prefer to work in Linux but ... if there is no other way ... Thanks ;)
  20. and the winner is ^^ : >
  21. Hated the music loved the video : >
  22. You can remove the guts of it ... put an arduino like board inside it and use it to turn the leds on and off or whatever As for using the modem's hardware to do that ... well it is possible but it would require lots and lots of trial and error, debugging or having very detailed reference of it
  23. i have a question too ... is it possible to run ophcrack without the tables ? as a normal bruteforce app ?
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