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  1. You can use ISO mapping in grub4dos for some distros but not for everything. It works fine for tools like Acronis, kon-boot, dban, recovery part only from Win7/Vista DVDs, etc but for the rest it doesnt work cause protected mode kicks in on their kernels making any virtual boot objects made with grub4dos map inaccessible.

    Since i've already done some playing around long before this ep, let me go ahead and mention straight up what doesnt work from ISO mapping (or at least what I've tried and doesnt work so far):

    Installing Windows (any version) by booting from ISO made from Windows install media, Helix, BackTrack, probably not Ubuntu since Helix is made from it, UBCD4Win

    In short any real mode OSes/Utilities well work with map, everything else you need to extract to a physical partition.

    Now in regard to finding files that are actually there but cant be found...

    I myself (though I've got a multibooting USB) would also like a multi-boot DVD/CD. The problem is, say you got a file called vmlinuz in /boot folder. If you use:

    find /BOOT/VMLINUZ it finds it even if its lowercase. Even if you specify upper in your menu.lst you'll probably have a hard time booting it. Its very wierd behavior that'll need to be worked out in future versions of grub4dos.

  2. Create a virtual disk in VMWare/Vbox. Boot with the iso and install it there. Attach your USB drive to the VM or setup a share folder so you can transfer the files from the virtual disk that you need.

  3. the sorrow, I got the same laptop/wireless card as you. How'd you get the 1390 working in Ubuntu for normal browsing first off? I got mine working using ndiswrapper awhile back that of course doesnt allow you to put the card into monitor mode. I'm thinking just like you I'm going to be needing a usb card to do this kind of stuff. Isn't it a broadcom chipset? Also I notice you're using eth1 in your commands, shouldn't it be wlan0/1?

  4. So far all you people have come up are temporary solutions, what if I or someone else getting spam wants to receive other pms?

    I'm saying that we need a long term, permanent solution.

    You can also set up a buddy list of friends and have your PM box setup where you only get messages from your friends.

  5. Can you still get into XP? Install EasyBCD there -> Manage bootloader -> Re-install Vista bootloader -> Write MBR.

    Still having trouble? Sometimes startup repair has to be used more than once to fix everything. You may also try the manual steps for rebuilding the bcd here.

  6. Okay, so how the hell do you get a user name of a non-logged in machine?.

    Simple, most places dont have dont display last username enabled, so a user account is already filled in for me. All I need to do is get in under a limitied user to use net user to get the information I need. Once i've discovered an account with admin access that isnt disabled, reboot real quick with kon-boot and get in.

  7. Hmm, the tools shown off look pretty awesome, the only problem being they require admin access. Thats kind of a let down cause you cant use them "in the field" except maybe in cases of trying to trace malware on a box you've got admin access to. I wonder if theres any tools that can dump the ram without admin access...

  8. Live memory capture, thats what I was thinking last week, well worth it if its faster than having to fiddle with booting the ram imager tool. I wonder how good encryption systems are at protecting themselves though since the system's active. Looks like another interesting episode I'll haft to watch in a few hours here.

  9. I think the thread title should be changed to "Gain Admin access on just installed Windows systems with no updates installed". So far on the five machine's I've tried this on, none worked. The at command is disabled. Kon-Boot also doesn't work on them. Kon-Boot only works with local users. You need to know the name of a local user on the windows machine. Administrator is disabled on all my work machines, and my home systems. They boot to the user name and password screen, not the stupid ass click a picture and put in your password screen.

    Umm, can you say net user? You don't need admin access to get the usernames for the computer and I doubt you've enabled don't display last username so who cares if its not the welcome screen? Your username is already filled in by default.

    If you took the time to read through the thread you would have noticed patched XP machines and Vista safeguard against this escalation flaw in at by requring you to be admin to even use it.

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