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  1. I had a lady at work that would call me every time any sort of message popped up. Thankfully some calls were short. For example, on my end it might look like:


    "What does it say?"

    "Click Don't Send Report"

    "No problem, you take care"

    Can't you just disable error reporting? That would save from having to make some phone calls :)

  2. I have yet to use x64 OS on my machines cause 2GBs all i'm sporting. With both the beta and rc versions of W7 I was testing I would always get a blue screen. Can't be my BIOS either... worked just fine under Vista and XP. But hey, I really do value this tool and KryptosLogic does desrve something for working on such a fantastic product.

    And the paid version does work on x64. Look on their website and they illustrate it in action booting a x64 bit copy of Windows 7.

  3. Well the price isn't too bad, I just wish the free version really supports W7 like it claims on the site.

    So what do they mean by 6 month license? Does that mean 6 months of free download of any updated versions?

  4. Great episode, I never heard of such an attack so its very interesting.

    Only partial remedy I can think of is DHCP reservations so the server refuses to hand out those addresses to the rouge server (at least for your most important boxes), though with MAC spoofing too who could stop it short of an IDS that blocks it?

  5. Great job on the video, the commands in the terminal were actually readable. I've been waiting for BT4 final so thanks for announcing it. Sorry to hear about Matt but that doesn't mean he can't make a guest appearance like Rob does every so often. I wish him all the best in his career.

  6. The problem with the 32 bit thing is all the computers I've been working on that come with W7 lately come with 64-bit now. Purchased a Dell desktop recently and 64-bit Windows was the only option... itts a real bummer for us that want to use it when working on ppl's computers.

  7. Well I use VB cause thats the language I'm most comfortable with and was taught in school. I've tried C# in the past which is practically the same but anytime I have problems I can just about instantly think of the right way to do it in VB :)

    My only complaint is the .net dependency, but times are changing and .net is included in Windows releases by default now.

  8. Its older computers that you would need to worry about. Most Windows computers well have it now days. If you've got Windows Vista/Windows 7 its pre-included and I'm pretty sure it installs at some point in XP if you're upgrading to SP3. SourceForge used to have a project Portable .Net I think it was called. No longer available.

    It shouldn't be a problem though. I would think you'd only want to access your password database on a trusted computer, which if administered by you, you could always go get .net if it isnt already installed.

  9. Make sure you got the latest updates/drivers. The install disc you got with the printer most likely contains outdated software. A lot of these printers (especially from HP) require you to start the installation and power on the printer at a paticular step in the setup proccess. If you can skip checking you might want to also try that if you're still having problems and than power on the printer after the software/driver for it have been successfully installed.

  10. Ok, Windows Vista/Windows 7 entry plain and simple. The installer gets booted using bootmgr, so...

    title Windows Setup

    find --set-root /bootmgr

    chainloader /bootmgr

    No bootsector/mbr fun required.

    If you'd perfer it though (say for cases where you got Windows already on the system), use bootsect.exe /nt60 to install the proper bootsector.

  11. Episodes great to me. I do haft to agree though that it was hard to see the commands being typed in. You guys were obviously in a hurry this week, but still the hak5 I enjoy.

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