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  1. Is the new ep up yet? Cause I downloaded an episode on iTunes for 6/30 and its one of the older episodes (2-3 eps back I think) where you were still on the road though its labeled part 2 of the homebrew router project.

  2. The problem is I don't want to burn a single disc with TC recovery, its something I want to add in with my other recovery tools. I'm not currently encrypting or wanting to encrypt the system drive(s), just files. TC doesn't have a sysrecovery disc ISO included with the download (at least not with the portable ver) and because I'm using the portable ver for now I can't encrypt the system with it anyway.

    I was reading somewhere it stores the mbr/pbr with the disc so I guess a custom ISO is created when one completes the wizard. That means everyone could have a different ISO, I was hoping it would be the same for everyone.

    On the other hand I guess I shouldn't be worrying about this anyway. If there ever were a volume I needed to open that lost its ability to boot I suppose I can mount the volume with TC in WinPE.

    Ok, now I'm just rambling in a topic I didn't even start. Shutting up now...

  3. Yeah, always decrypt first. Makes things less complicated.

    While we're on the subject of TrueCrypt anyone know where/how to get a copy of the TrueCrypt recovery ISO without having to setup encryption and burn a disc? It would be cool if someone wrote a utility to virtually burn discs without having to write them. This would be great for netbooks :)

  4. I was intending my reply to be because of the fact ppl hate Windows so much, not because of your Linux reponse to a Windows thread. I'm also not doubting the Windows experience of anyone replying to this thread.

    Really mods? I'm surprised this thread and the other hasn't been locked.

  5. I like having alternitives. TeamViewer is what I use all the time but consider checking out Mikogo as well. They say TeamViewer doesn't need admin rights which is true, but only on XP or systems where UAC has been disabled. Otherwise, it requires elevation. Mikogo doesn't. Other than that they're both equally useful.

  6. Good thing I don't use Adboe Rdr :)

    Great alternitive to Fastone is PicPick. Extract the installer and its portable. Its got as many features if not more than Faststone.

  7. Ok, made the purchase, just wish one of the 5 different discount codes I tried actually worked :)

    So with an expiring download link how does one get updates when Kryptos releases them (if in the 6 months that is)?...

  8. Ok, well I haven't purchased the new version just yet but I'm this close to doing so...

    Anyone who has purchased this can they confirm it comes with both the CD and Floppy images?

    Point to asking is because I'm consolidating as many tools as I can into a single CD, so I'll be needing the floppy image to use with memdisk from grub4dos. Not to say I won't burn a single disc with Kon-Boot, but the less I haft to carry around the better.

  9. Ok, gotta love family. He failed to tell me there was a second part to it sitting on his desk. Probably would have found out sooner if HTC bothered to include a picture of it in the manual. Alls well. Why do companies haft to split a charging adapter into multiple parts is just ridicous.

  10. Its not, not even wide enough. Crappy shot sorry about that. I'm thinking thats how to slide off the top though, but its not working...

  11. Family member of mine recently purchased an HTC HD2. This little guy came along with it:


    This is supposed to be the USB wall charger for it, but wheres the USB? The getting started guide doesn't tell me. It just says connect the USB cable to it.

    I let him borrow my wall charger for now, but I'd really like to have it back :)

    The front of it looks like its supposed to slide off maybe? If its supposed to its one tight $#$#$ #$#$#!



    And no, I'm not looking for a new one, especially after how much this thing ended up costing.

  12. Yeah, the ninite tip was awesome, hope they offer some more useful apps in the future, though pretty much the basics were already there. I actually had installers for the basics on my repair discs (the 2-3 different installers for MSE for example) but with this one installer for everything and with the latest versions that won't be the case for much longer.

    I was thinking the same thing about Pronobozo. I thought it was an act, but if thats how he interacts with the public well... :)

  13. Shannon, we can't see the top of your screen with the tools blocking it from GoToAssist. If you could move the toolbar out of the way or hide it that would be great :)

  14. Yep, two most likely things if you're sure your system is clean of viruses and you havent installed anything recently. Either WU installed an incompatible driver or the user profiles corrupted. Try a different user profile, than start rolling back any drivers WU recently updated. Uninstall your keyboard/mouse (it should re-install when you reboot). Re-install NIC driver.

    If you're looking for a quick way out with a re-install check to see if the recovery partitions got a .WIM or extracted filesystem with the standard windows structure. If thats the case you can add an entry to boot it to your bootloader using EasyBCD in Windows.

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