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  1. plink already has a frontend. Its called Putty if you were watching the episode closely.
  2. Its probably one of MS's well kept secrets buried deep in the registry, but available for modification nevertheless if you know of it. For example, I prefer UAC password requirement even for the administrator, but Vista Home Premium doesnt have group policy in order to change the behavior like Business and Ultimate do, so upon registry diving I found the sub-values that determine the behaviors for both standard and adminstrator users. I bet I could even make the standard user run stuff without having to enter a password if I wanted to, but that would defeat the purpose of UAC and open the machine to attack even for non-administrative users.
  3. Open go.vbs in notepad and retrieve line 20 and post here.
  4. WMP is free with Windows. 12 is the next version set to lanuch with Windows 7. You can beta test it if you're testing Windows 7. There is no pro versions. There never have been, and probably, never will be. If you're using version 5 what OS you running? Windows 95? Don't imagine being able to run softare that old in modern day 2000, XP, Vista.
  5. heck yeah. I'm from AZ... go cards! :)
  6. Best way: don't have anything valuable Second best: physical security (locks, etc.) Not much you can do for a portable solution. If they want your backpack and your laptops in there you can pretty much say goodbye to it.
  7. Version 3 has docx support? Good to know...
  8. lol... sounds like something I would do if I still had one. Took me ages but the farthest I ever got was 1 block away... next thing you know i've mixed it up again just trying to finish it.
  9. Boot from a linux live distro to get the files contents OR Get into the recovery console on your XP CD: cd /d c:\ type boot.ini Note "type" must be typed. Its a command. For getting the disk/partition layout: diskpart list disk select disk 0 etc... list part exit Write down the contents and post here.
  10. Even using net.exe from the proper location won't work. Remeber, its operating on the local environment, not the offline sam file. Keyword here: offline. Net operates on online sam files. Tools? Plenty though I'm not going to start mentioning them. Just get barpe/ubcd4win and you're set...
  11. Hal.dll isn't really missing. Its your boot.ini file pointing to the wrong disk/partition. Post your boot.ini file and your disk/partition layout so we can assist you.
  12. You can also get it not to display on the welcome screen by simply making sure the accounts not in the users group. It won't show though it belongs to the administrators group as long as this is so
  13. No access for users with blank passwords except for guest as described.
  14. This might seem kinda harsh, but seriously... Throw away the assignments for whose owners couldn't be bothered with indentifying themselves. Is this a college class? At that stage of the game they should know. Can't you just copy w/e with cp *.* instead of specifying the extensions since thier all in a patiular directory? Don't know about cp, but xcopy has a switch to copy all sub-dirs and thier files too.
  15. I imagine these type of GUIs in standard Windows applications (such as the ribbin tab controls) will be available in Visual Studio 2010. Don't quote me on it though, MS may decide they want to keep it to thier software. As far as not having a title bar on the form to appear like iTunes or the default apperance of Windows Media Player 11, set the formborder type property on the form in Visual Studio to none. Make sure you got a way of closing the form whether programmatically or via button to the user of your application though.
  16. You haft to use a special program that can perform operations on an offline sam file. Using net from the command line won't work because you're operating on the temp. sam file for that instance of PE.
  17. 1) Yes shift is used, but its only per session, meaning you must do it each time or disable autorun. 2) Not sure about reversing since I haven't done it 3) Yes if autorun is turned off the payload won't automatically execute, but seeing how most people leave it enabled you can be pretty sure that the majority of computers you want to try it out on will execute it. Protecting yourself: a.) Disable autorun all together b.) In Vista and maybe in XP set it up so it always ask for everything, instead of assuming a default action, so at least if you get infected it was your own fault...
  18. Yeah. Red Bull are ripoffs with thier small cans. Buy a pack if you like them. Probably a better value there.
  19. k. most forums I've been on take out additional spaces and tab wasn't working.
  20. Like Full Throttle... forgot that one. Also drink Red Bull, don't care for Rockstar
  21. Check out neosmart.net/forums for a wealth of mutli-booting knowledge.
  22. Yeah doing VS 2008 programming in VB right now. Had some mIRC scripting under my belt but actually creating programs can be a different story for sure. VS not matter the language well be good for you. You got intellisense to help you. Don't worry about memorizing all the functions. There is just no way you can do that, and a waste if you do because you won't remember all of it later. Think of an idea for an application you could use and than apply what you need to do after looking through help on the specific topic if you don't know how to procceed. I am a few routines away from creating my first useful application. This was done through hours of practice and occasional research, not by reading the entire library of help docs.
  23. Offline you basically have complete control. The methods in this thread are attempts at online permission escalation. Yes, barpe + any password tool that can edit an offline sam database well work...
  24. yeah doesn't matter really. I usually import using WMP to mp3 format so I can use it there and in iTunes without having two copies of every song on my hard drive, but WMP 12 will support AAC playback.
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