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  1. i have a ipod touch 16gb and the reason why i got that instead of an iphone was cuz i did not wanna pay a monthly fee just to listen to music and watch movies. when im out im gonna waste my battery life on watching movies and browsing the internet so i wont really be spending much time making calls cuz i dont carry a charger with me. my phone does what it needs to do and my ipod touch does what it needs to do. as far as apps go the iphone is better just cuz the apps use the phone, camera, mic and gps
  2. cool idea. i would buy 1 for sure even if im not that much of a drinker even at partys
  3. i may get it once its fully hacked. i wanna know whats gonna happen with the 2 cameras it has. Nintendo wont do anything cool with it but im sure the hacker will
  4. its the same the with the ps3 controller. its pretty easy to do
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