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  1. Berries I'm not sure u understand the original question. It's not the tools I need. It's the driver that allows me to go into monitor mode with my wireless card. No matter what tool I use I only see broadcasts and my traffic. I need to set it so I can see all traffic in my network. I'm looking into the ones at wildpackets. And the AR5006 I am gonna try it out just don't wanna screw up my current driver so I'll get that first.
  2. i used that before on an inspirion when i fixed it up with ubuntu. ndis wrapper is nice but wouldnt do what i wanted. But it doesn't matter the tool, ferret, network stumbler, or whatever if Im not in monitor mode correct? i guess ill look into that backtrack more. i only like vista for games since its a gaming laptop i have. but having linux on it too... sweet haha. i never had any luck with duel boot but no harm in research.
  3. Thanks and the thing i meant was theres a way i remember ubuntu would let u run it in windows some. And i meant cygwin as a way to use some linux like tools and see if it worked in there. Thanks for the ideas. i look for Vectors posts and im looking into the wildpackets site more. also, once my USB drive comes in im looking into switchblade :P
  4. YEA YEA....but my drive only has 176G. so... duel boot its kinda ugh, plus id have to redo everything, unless theres an easy way to modified existing partitions... mayb run linux in windows via cygin but we shall see
  5. Hey so ill give you the lowdown. So i have hamster and ferret and they work well , but i only see broadcasts like ARPS and my traffic. alright so i thought hmm its not picking it up, so google time. Ah so i need monitor mode to grab everyones traffic, not promiscuous but if i get that mode it will do lol. so my hardware: qosmio x305-701 - its awsome by the way OS: Vista x64.... sorry i know unix too but the harddrive is to small for duel boot WIRELESS CARD: Atheros AR9281 need any other info just lemme know ill be back from work later. i checked madwifi and other sites already and googled for the 3rd day. so i know the steps haha. now i ask for some help. lemme know, thanks
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