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  1. And now it seems the nano has locked up as neither the terminal nor the web interface are responding. The device is still lit solidly though.
  2. I'm assuming you meant airodump-ng -i wlan1mon as airodump was an invalid command for me. Done. I let it run for a full minute but it's not showing any networks at the moment.
  3. Sure can! http://pastebin.com/ef6pxt3s All bssid's have been replaced with FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF, and all non-blank SSID's have been replaced with "WIFINAME" to protect the innocent. There are three scans that I ran in that link. Each noted with the file name and time they were created (in chronological order). My pineapple is still in UTC time but basically the first I ran last night, then left my pineapple running overnight running the second and third one this morning. After the third scan I'm unable to get more than one result at a time, though the SSID does tend to vary.
  4. So I just ran another scan and again it's returning just a single result at a time. I've installed a few modules since then, but i haven't been running them. The only thing I can think is that somehow the scan is returning too many results and it can't handle it? That shouldn't be the case though. I mean there's a lot of access points where I live, but it's not -that- many. If there's any troubleshooting steps that I can take to narrow this down and provide more useful information I'd be happy to do them. Suggestions anyone?
  5. Yeah I'm on the 1.1.1 release. Like I said most of the time it seems to work fine. But occasionally it just stops providing multiple results. I restored the pineapple overnight and let it run and ran a scan this morning and everything seems to be fine, so maybe I was just doing something wrong? Maybe it was another module or the fact that I disabled the management AP. I really don't know. I was probably misusing it, which at this point is a distinct possibility as I'm just starting out to learn this.
  6. So I saw some people having issues with recon not returning any results, but that isn't my issue so I'm thinking it's a different problem. When I first boot my nano and I do a recon scan everything is normal and I get a lot of results. If I let me nano run PineAP for a while collecting SSID's and all that, and then run another scan, it ends up returning only a single result at a time. I ssh'd into the nano and deleted the recon-xxxxx files in /tmp and rebooted the nano. Everything seems to work fine again, but once again, after a little while it just goes back to presenting a single result. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? But I'm fairly new to this so I wouldn't know what that is. Any suggestion is welcome!
  7. Yeah I'm not sure I'm going to try to hack domain.com, but it sounds like everyone has come to the same conclusion I did, that FTP is the best solution for this. Unfortunately that may just have to be the answer. Thanks for the effort guys.
  8. I'm open to trying any crazy solutions you guys can come up with, so let me have em. I know that Hak5 uses domain.com as their hosting, and they really enjoy domain.com. I do too. Mostly. Actually, for everything except this specfic issue. So I'm not here trying to flame domain.com, they're a great host, and I'm sure they have their reasons for why they keep telling me this isn't anything they support. I come here looking for creative solutions that don't involve me switching my hosting to linux (I have .net web apps and for that I need a windows host). My problem is that on my windows hosted website I have a wordpress installation that I plan to heavily modify, and as such can't use the one-click install that domain.com provides. This wordpress installation has a particular problem with uploading images from within wordpress using their media manager. Specifically I receive an error indicating that the file was unable to be written to the wordpress's upload folder from the temp upload location. Seems pretty straight forward, probably a permissions issue right? Well you aren't wrong. It is a permissions issue. The issue is that the owner of the upload folder, differs from that of the user php is running under, so when php tries to write the uploaded image to the upload folder, the user doesn't have permissions to the folder. Domain.com's web based admin panel, does not provide the ability to alter the owner of the upload folder. The only permission's it allows you to alter are the groupings of anonymous web user, application pool identity, and the ftp user. The only permissions I can assign to these groups are the standard 'read', 'write', and 'execute'. It was suggested by Domain.com's support people that I use FTP to upload the images, which is all fine and good, but that's a lot of extra work to upload the images via ftp, and then log into the wordpress install, go into the media manager, load the image into wordpress and then attach it to my post or use it in the post. I know I can't be the only person to run into this issue, and I know that there has to be a better solution than what was suggested by their support team. Does anyone have any ideas?
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