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  1. Just placed my order, can't wait to check this thing out.
  2. Keep up the good work, HAK5 is now a weekly discussion in my computer repair and Cisco networking classes. Keep up the microcontroller stuff, it adds a nice mix to the SW / HW hacks. If you are looking for any topics, the Lego mindstorms NXT community has a few really cool projects. I'm currently playing with these two projects on creating an 'inverted pendulum' (aka Lego "Segway"). One uses NI Labview, but the other uses a really cool Bluetooth to Wiimote link that requires Cygwin, Ubuntu and python to control the link and interface the NXT controller, with the Wiimote. Wiimote controlled Segway http://hackaday.com/2009/04/21/wii-control...-style-nxt-bot/ WiiNXTbalance http://www.epokh.org/blog/index.php NXT Standalone http://www.brumann-art-production.ch/NXT_Standalone/ - Labview powered (German site) </tech teacher geek rant> - ub3rgeek
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