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  1. ok yeah i have 1.11 1994, damn. gonna have to find the updates. can it be confirmed what version the server will run on? and, is q3.hak5.org currently up and gaming for practice before the event on the tenth? cause i cant seem to connect to it as of yet... maybe i need the right version running first? or its not up. whatever the case i want to game that day and am ready to get everything in order so that i can, so once all the details are worked out, please post them here.
  2. I have to ask, since I LOVE quake3, and the fact its the greatest running first person shooter to be played so smoothly on really low low low end machines. My question is, when you announced on the show about january 10th quake3 lan party, i remember the server being posted game.hak5.org uhmm, EDIT>>>JUST FOUND OUT ITS Q3.HAK5.ORG AND FOUND http://hak5lan.squarespace.com/ SO.... IGNORE SERVER QUESTIONS. i tried to join it in quake3 yesterday and no luck, just awaiting connection... also...you say january 10th is a lan party, but am i right that you were inviting people over the internet to join up and play? im hoping that this is true as its an event i'd love to attend and frag it up with you guys, but i wanted to know the details i guess, is it infact open to internet players, and that server game.hak5.org it doesnt work right now, but will on the tenth? or whats going on there, do i need a specific version of quake3 also? because i have quake 3 but also have quake3 and expansion (team arena) which came out a couple years after with re-vamped quake3 arena (couple sprites upgraded, etc) and i know that the versions are both different, i cant simply install team arena onto my existing quake 3, i have to install that quake 3 and then use the expansion, so ... im hoping my regular quake3 arena install ( which i use , because i dont play team arena ) is going to cut it... that is of course, if this holy fragfest is of course, open to internet players/fans, like myself. can somebody from the hakhouse help me get a better understanding of these things that i am wondering?
  3. Acer aspire one is a good netbook, with a hdd drive option instead of them 4gig solidstate flash drives or something. you'lll notice that it has 2 sd card readers, LOL. this is because originally it was a 4gig storage, and that held the os and crap, so they have a card reader for personal storage expansion, and then, they have the other one for dealing with photos off your digital camera... thats basically awesome that they still have both sd card readers in it now that they have a real hdd model with lots of space... i think they are definately great for being able to throw into a backpack and not WEIGH YOU DOWN and because of the size, they dont take that comfort away that you have to be careful with your backpack, you just throw it in your bag and off you go... one complaint: EXTENDED BATTERY - IT IS EXTENDED RIGHT HANGING OUT THE BACK OF THE NETBOOK 2 INCHES. bulky big battery = stupid, make your products nice looking AND with extended batteries acer... c'mon.
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