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  1. this would be kinda good if u worked at a company that was throwing out a bunch of computers with sensitive data and were too lazy to pull the drives out or reformat them

    no all this does is disable the booting of the OS, anyone who's going to go looking for data will do so from a live cd anyone else will just throw it away or load there own OS anyways

  2. I know it's not secure but the area in which I live is not all that technology advanced and most pepole will think "I wonder what that is" and walk away. and in the future I plan to add other ways in i.e. psp connecting to standalone wifi "encripted" and opening a webpage to open a door

    that's not a bad idea...

  3. I guess thats okay but it should be: or


    Just so you know, IPs dont really matter.

    yeah they kinda do

    Anyway, you'll want to log into your Belking's Firmwar and disable DHCP and NAT.

    he already did that

  4. SMF is garbage, and we will not be going back to it.

    First off SMF is not garbage it worked just fine for the entire time we've used it, and just because y'all don't like it doesn't make it garbage. Second we've had more problems with this install of IPB in the first week then in the entire time we've used the SMF.

    And what was the real reason for the move to IPB?

  5. so they'll beat you up if you dont give them your credit card info? First off why don't they just get that information off... gee I don't know you actual credit card?.. But what do you think they'll do if you plug in a usb stick and BAM computer stops working?

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