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  1. Do they? Do they REALLY?! I was referring to the inconvenience of one breaking and the requirement for storing the shavings
  2. that's not a bad idea...
  3. you do know your post count is not tied to your penis size?
  4. No they didn't spend millions to develop a pen to work in 0g, but they did make one and it did cost something. And a pen that works it a lot better then a pencil that breaks.
  5. yeah... But it's cooler
  6. nor did I but you are comparing it to real tech
  7. This movie contained AI making any cool tech stuff null and void of any realism
  8. they've already made it clear, that it doesn't matter what we think or want they don't like SMF so fuck it/us.
  9. why? yeah they kinda do he already did that
  10. First off SMF is not garbage it worked just fine for the entire time we've used it, and just because y'all don't like it doesn't make it garbage. Second we've had more problems with this install of IPB in the first week then in the entire time we've used the SMF. And what was the real reason for the move to IPB?
  11. if there's nothing else on the drive just try reintalling
  12. so they'll beat you up if you dont give them your credit card info? First off why don't they just get that information off... gee I don't know you actual credit card?.. But what do you think they'll do if you plug in a usb stick and BAM computer stops working?
  13. you shouldn't need to it should set as a cookie
  14. and now the read/unread posts is borked
  15. That's a grub error anything else on the drive?
  16. I love WD hdds but I wouldn't even do what moonlit suggests that drive is gone... turn it into a clock
  17. yeah IPB is fail I miss smf...
  18. ftw blazar is a awesome game you can play multi player over bluetooth and there's something somewhere that you can use to do something if you don't have 6 USD and the attachment system if fucked up so I can't attach the cab
  19. 4 500g > 2 1t less chance of data loss
  20. ...oh my god what where you on?
  21. none it's just a hotfix integration patch
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