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  1. 1. Screwing

    2. Take off case

    3. Take out drive

    4. Insert drive


    you have never owned one of these there's no screws

    yes there's little tabs you have to press behind the morse code holes that spell out a message, kinda like taking a 360 apart

  2. a exploit that allows any skiddy to crack just about every debian/ubuntu server's user password vs a worm that targets a large corporation who is already ready to handle a DDoS attack? yes I do

  3. Hmm, while I don't admire turning others over to the authorities, maybe deleting all the files and talking to the guy would have been a better approach, its never good, and you should never be proud to get someone else into trouble (unless is some realllllly bad).

    It seems to me that if you both watch hak5, you'd prbly get along. It just sounds to me like an opportunity to make a friend, rather then completely fuck up some other kid's life.

    I have a couple of questions for those 'IT People'

    1. Why are students or teachers for that matter able to access task mgr?

    2. Why were you (a student) able to access regedit and find the sbs.exe start up key?

    3. Why do students have access to the C:\ drive (and 'folder options') ?

    4. Why are the students using the teacher's account in the first place?

    5. Blat.exe is found by just about every AV program, wtf are you using?

    And these are just the problems I can find coming from your story, god knows what else they're doing!

    are you high? you would give someone you never met access to your personal info?

  4. the ONLY way is to remove the battery bar none

    you cant even flash a new rom without taking the battery out first

    also there is no where you can get help for any of your questions everyone else will respond in the same way, most will be more abusive then we are being

  5. Hello!

    I'm trying to 'hack' a network.

    I have physical access to the computer.

    I can boot from CD.

    I tried using OPHCrack (latest version) but was unsuccessful in my attempt.

    It gave me the following error message: No hashes found on partition

    (or something like that)

    I've tried using a USB Hack (think it was called claymore or some such thing, a friend gave it to me), but Symantec Anti-Virus found it, and deleted most of the nirsoft programs and the most important thing (PWDump).

    I tried to try wireshark, but couldn't because it won't allow me to install it (I don't think I can install anything, let alone AirPCap with Wireshark)

    Could someone please recommend to me a new way to gain access to the administrator (and other accounts) on this network?



    can't be done at this point

  6. I've got a pc running debian which provides only ssh (-p 22).

    If I use iptables to block all incoming traffic not related to port 22, does that really make sense? I mean, there are no other services listening on a port.

    you don't really need a firewall unless you're giving other users access to the box and you don't want them running anything that listens

  7. Such a database is computationally infeasible. Every e-mail sent? Not possible even slightly, even if you start filtering spam. Further more, if it was to filter spam people who are trying to hide there communication would disguise there messages as spam.


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